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Automation Features Added To SNMP Test Suite Revision 5.0

InterWorking Labs Expands SNMP Conformance Tests With New MIB Support, Automatic Test Functions, and Improved Results Tracking

SANTA CRUZ, California (April 7, 1997) -- InterWorking Labs today announced a major release of its SNMP conformance test suite, the SNMP Test Suite Revision 5.0, with new features to make testing for compliance with the Simple Networking Management Protocol (SNMP) easier than ever before. Among the new features in this release of the SNMP Test Suite are support for journalling, a new remote-testing interface, and extended support for SNMP Management Information Bases (MIBs) via a new MIB compiler.

InterWorking Labs originally created the SNMP Test Suite for design engineers, developers, quality assurance engineers, and system and network testers to help them isolate SNMP-related bugs in their hardware and software products. These tests are designed to verify compliance with the latest SNMP protocols as defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), including tests for error and exception handling, boundary conditions, etc. The SNMP Test Suite supports products implementing SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c as well as support for private MIB testing. All the tests are verified by the InterWorking Labs Advisory Board, which is made up of SNMP experts from the IETF.

New support for journalling in Rev 5.0 automatically time stamps and saves SNMP transactions for each test in an ASCII file. This file provides the user with a foundation for regression testing. The ASCII files can be imported by other tools for analysis.

The SNMP Test Suite Revision 5.0 adds the ability to save and restore device contexts to a file. The user specifies the device’s capabilities so that only the appropriate tests are run against the device. This automates the testing and eliminates the need for user intervention when running the Test Suite. A redesigned internal MIB storage facility also saves loading time and memory.

As part of the extended MIB support added to the SNMP Test Suite Revision 5.0, InterWorking Labs has added a new MIB compiler and integrated graphical user interface for performing MIB walking, MIB browsing, GETs, and SETs. After conducting a number of usability surveys among its customers, InterWorking Labs discovered that many testers were using the SNMP Test Suite for testing and alternately using third-party MIB browsers to check results from another view. The new release of SNMP Test Suite Revision 5.0 incorporates and integrates these capabilities so that InterWorking Labs customers can conduct and view all their tests from within the SNMP Test Suite.

Many customers have requested the ability to bypass the Test Suite’s graphical user interface, and run the tests as a batch file or script. The new remote-testing interface provides a socket connection using tools like Telnet or Telnet-enabled scripts. Using such a socket connection, a link can be established to other tools that may be in place at the customer’s test facility. With the remote testing interface, the TCL-scripted commands can be executed automatically. InterWorking Labs offers all of the test scripts for the SNMP Test Suite in Tcl/Tk, the Tool Command Language that uses the Tk toolkit to create the graphical user interface, and these scripts interface with an SNMP engine written in C++. InterWorking Labs also ships source code for all its test scripts and binary code for the SNMP engine, making it easy to modify the test scripts since Tcl is an interpretive language and Tcl/Tk is an open architecture.

Other new features include partial migration of the GUI to match the style of the test platform on which the Test Suite is running, whether it is Windows NT, UNIX, or another platform. This gives users a more common look and feel on a single platform.

At the request of many customers, InterWorking Labs has also added support for ports other than 161. This facilitates testing of multiple agents on a single system.

"As the SNMP network management standard matures, we are shifting some of our attention to automating our SNMP conformance tests and making them more robust," said Chris Wellens, President of InterWorking Labs. "With the release of the SNMP Test Suite 5.0, we have added a number of features to provide a comprehensive testing environment that integrates well in a technical test lab. We listen to our customers, and the result is the most versatile, full-featured set of tests we have released to date."

InterWorking Labs SNMP Test Suite, Revision 5.0, is available now for a licensing fee of $6,500 for the basic test suite. Customers who have purchased the annual support agreement, which is 20 percent of the purchase price, will receive the upgrade at no additional charge. A demonstration revision of the SNMP Test Suite is available on the Internet at