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CableLabs Licenses InterWorking Labs' SilverCreek to Test SNMP for DOCSIS Certification

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (July 12, 1999) - InterWorking Labs, specialists in Internet standards testing and verification, today announced a licensing agreement with Cable Television Labs (CableLabs®), the research and development consortium of cable television system operators, which will apply SilverCreek, InterWorking Labs' Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) test suite, to test cable modems for SNMP compatibility, as specified in DOCSIS, the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.

SilverCreek, the official SNMP test suite, is the ideal solution to test support for SNMP in next-generation cable modem technology, including security functionality and quality of service (QoS) in SNMPv3. SNMP is a crucial part of DOCSIS certification, as more and more cable system operators come to rely on SNMP to support their Internet access and cable infrastructure. As CATV providers expand their services to encompass multimedia over IP, offering Internet access to voice and video, support for QoS will become important as well to guarantee smooth access to streaming media. And CATV Internet providers are looking to SNMPv3 to help them deal with network security issues.

"We are delighted to be tapped by CableLabs to complement their DOCSIS testing with our SNMP test suite," said Chris Wellens, president and CEO of InterWorking Labs. "We see the cable modem market as a huge Internet growth area, and an arena where SNMP will play a vital role in keeping the infrastructure up and running."

SilverCreek provides cable modem and router manufacturers with a comprehensive suite of tests for SNMPv1, v2, and v3. InterWorking Labs' test suite also includes support for Tcl/Tk scripting so vendors can create their own tests for special SNMP MIBs and other proprietary functions.

About SilverCreek

SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite, is the official industry standard for finding and fixing bugs in SNMP product implementations. SilverCreek features more than 650 standards conformance tests for standards maintained by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), including a full complement of tests to verify compliance with the newest features added with the release of SNMP v3. SilverCreek tests compliance with a range of RFC standards, including new RFCs to cover management frameworks (RFC 2271), message processing (RFC 2272), applications (RFC 2273), user-based security (RFC 2274), and much more. An indispensable tool for design engineers, product developers, software quality engineers and testers, SilverCreek has revolutionized the process of testing network products.