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InterWorking Labs¹ Final RMON Test Summit
Gives Way to RMON 2 Compliance Certification Program

Final RMON Interoperability Event Allows Vendors to Test Standards Conformance and Interoperability of Next-Generation RMON Solutions

CAMPBELL, Calif. (November 3, 1997) - InterWorking Labs, creators of the RMON Test Suite, will host the third annual RMON Test Summit here December 2-5 at the facilities of Stardust Technologies. This marks the last time that vendors will have an opportunity to take advantage of the RMON Test Summit to validate their products for RMON compliance. Beginning in 1998, InterWorking Labs will begin testing and certifying individual products for RMON 2 compliance, offering vendors InterWorking Labs¹ certification of approval for RMON 2.

Specific details on the InterWorking Labs RMON Certification Program will be available early next year. A number of vendors have been identified as offering RMON 2 ³conformant² products that are not interoperable, since the RMON 2 implementation takes advantage of proprietary features offered by the vendor. The RMON 2 certification program is being designed to address that problem, giving manufacturers and developers and opportunity to demonstrate that they offer conformant products through unbiased, third-party certification. In the interim, the third annual RMON 2 Test Summit will offer an open forum for vendors to gather and conduct RMON interoperability tests.

³RMON2 has rapidly matured as the standard for monitoring enterprise networks, so it's time to move on to the next phase in conformance testing,² said Chris Wellens, President & CEO of InterWorking Labs. ³We have already held a number of interoperability test summits since the inception of RMON, and vendors have progressed substantially in integrating RMON into their products. After this event, we will be formally certifying vendors as RMON or RMON2 compliant and giving our seal of approval. The third annual RMOM Test Summit gives vendors a final last opportunity to identify and fix bugs in a safe testing environment where engineers can come together to test for interoperability and compare notes on implementations.²

InterWorking Labs and Stardust Technologies are sponsoring the four-day RMON Test Summit to give networking vendors a secure, neutral interoperability testing environment where they can test their products and applications for compliance with the RMON2 Remote Monitoring network management standard.

A number of leading network vendors are planning to participate in the event, including 3Com/Axon Cisco Systems, NetScout (formerly Frontier Software), Solcom Systems, and Technically Elite.

Each participating company is invited to send up to three engineers and any number of products to be tested. During the RMON Test Summit, participants will be able to compare like implementations with other engineers, and test their own products for RMON compliance as well as testing for compatibility with other RMON solutions. Each participating vendor will receive a copy of InterWorking Labs' RMON Test Suite for either Windows 95, Windows NT, Solaris, or HP/UX. They will be able to use these tests, as well as real-world interoperability, to evaluate RMON and RMON2 in individual products.

Andy Bierman, Software Engineering Manager at Cisco Systems and Working Group Chair and co-author of the RMON Protocol Identifiers document for the Internet Engineering Task Force, will serve as Chief Technical Officer for the Summit event and oversee all conformance testing.

³We are thankful to InterWorking Labs for providing the opportunity for all vendors to perform RMON & RMON2 interoperability testing of their implementations,² Bierman said.

Stardust Technologies is providing a comprehensive testing facility with a complete working network so each participant will have access to a test station with six network connections.

The fee for participating in the Third Annual RMON Test Summit is $4,995. Space is limited, so interested parties are requested to make their reservations no later than November 15, 1997. More information about the RMON Test Summit is available on the World Wide Web at