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InterWorking Labs Announces SilverCreek® 7.0 with ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) for Comprehensive Database Support

New Features For The Novice Tester And Comprehensive Database Support Provide New Solutions To First Time Users As Well As Enterprise Test Environments.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (September 17, 2001) - InterWorking Labs, developers of state-of-the-art tests for computer networking standards compliance, today announced the release of SilverCreek 7.0, the SNMP Test Suite, with new features for the novice user and the enterprise test environment.

SilverCreek 7.0 includes support for Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC), a standard database access method. The goal of ODBC is to make it possible to access any data from any application, regardless of the database management system handling the data. Now SilverCreek users can collect and store test results in any ODBC compliant database, such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, or Informix. The database may be queried with SQL or SQL report tools. This expands SilverCreek’s capabilities beyond a test suite to an enterprise test environment.

SilverCreek 7.0 includes support for Tcl/Tk 8.3.3, the latest, stable release of the popular scripting language. Tcl 8.3.3 incorporates numerous refinements of the Tcl core, providing significant new functionality and general usability enhancements. Among the notable new features are several upgrades to Tk, the graphical user interface toolkit for Tcl. Tcl 8.3.3 also includes greater list sorting capability and improved cross-platform file system support.  The Tk console is available now on all supported Unix platforms (Redhat Linux and Solaris).

SilverCreek 7.0 includes new features for environment configurability.   The novice user can easily and quickly ascertain how to configure his agent and be up and running in a few minutes.  This is accomplished through improved navigation, tool tips, and online help.   Colors and font sizes are also user selectable.

A new Test Suite Manager adds a graphical user interface for creating private tests and test suites.  The Test Suite Manager also provides easy customization, management, and organization of existing test suites.

A new Command Script Wizard offers easy test creation for the novice user.  The user can build SNMP requests, then generate and store complex sets of these requests as scripts.  These scripts may be reloaded and re-executed.   A user, for example, could use the Command Script Wizard to create a row using the createAndGo mechanism. 

SilverCreek 7.0 fully supports module-compliance.  The MODULE-COMPLIANCE macro is used to convey a minimum set of requirements with respect to implementation of one or more MIB modules. A requirement on all standard MIB modules is that a corresponding MODULE-COMPLIANCE specification is also defined, either in the same information module or in a companion information module.  When a new MIB is loaded, SilverCreek 7.0  checks the MIB implementation against the module-compliance statement and verifies its correctness.  This capability provides an extra measure of correctness in testing MIB compliance.

SilverCreek 7.0 supports authenticated and/or encrypted SNMPv3 Notification and Inform PDUs.  This is a key feature for those users testing alarms and alerts with SNMPv3 security.

When SilverCreek 7.0 is installed on Unix platforms (Solaris and Linux), a Tcl shell console may be instantiated from the SilverCreek menu bar.  This provides a convenient mechanism for Unix users to have the same command line interface capability available to Windows platform users. 

“With these new features we have expanded SilverCreek to become an enterprise test environment for our large customers with extensive test and Q/A infrastructure,” stated Robert Olander, Chief Operating Officer, “At the same time, with our new tools and new look, we’ve created an easier, friendlier SilverCreek for the novice tester.”

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