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Maxwell Pro delivers fifty new TCP/IP tests, new output filtering options, new test result formats, new PCAP options, extended support for RFC 1122

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA, September 4, 2013 – InterWorking Labs, developers of network emulators and protocol testers to improve the quality and operation of apps and devices in voice/video/data networks, today announced new capabilities for its Maxwell Pro TCP/IP Test Suite.

Fifty New TCP/IP Tests!

New tests verify conformance of a TCP stack against requirements in the RFC 1122 summary tables:

          IPv4.Datagram.027   Silently discard Version != 4
          IPv4.Datagram.028   Verify IP checksum, silently discard bad dgram
          IPv4.Datagram.029   Verify IP checksum, silently discard bad dgram
          IPv4.Datagram.030   Verify IP checksum, silently discard bad dgram
          IPv4.Datagram.031   Verify IP checksum, silently discard bad dgram
          IPv4.Datagram.032   Verify IP checksum, silently discard bad dgram
          IPv4.Datagram.033   Send packet with TTL of 0
          IPv4.Datagram.034   Discard Echo Request to multicast address
          IPv4.Datagram.035   Ping gateways continuously
          IPv4.Datagram.036   Ping only when traffic being sent
          IPv4.Datagram.037   Silently discard link-layer-only b'cast dg's
          IPv4.Datagram.038   Reply with same addr as spec-dest addr
          IPv4.Datagram.039   Treat Host and Net Redirect the same

          IPv4.Fragment.026   Send ICMP Time Exceeded on reassembly timeout
          IPv4.Fragment.027   Non-initial fragment
          IPv4.Fragment.028   Local fragmentation of outgoing packets
          IPv4.Fragment.029   Send max 576 to off-net destination

          IPv4.Framing.005    Receive RFC-1042 encapsulation

          IPv4.ICMP.001       Use specific-dest addr as Echo Reply src
          IPv4.ICMP.010       Link-layer b'cast
          IPv4.ICMP.011       Interpret Dest Unreach as only hint
          IPv4.ICMP.012       Discard illegal Redirect
          IPv4.ICMP.013       Reflect Record Route, Time Stamp options

          IPv4.Options.019    IP layer silently ignore unknown options

          UDP.Other.001       UDP send Port Unreachable
          UDP.Other.002       UDP send Port Unreachable

          TCP.Setup.026       Passive Open call interfere with others,
          TCP.Setup.027       Jacobson Slow Start algorithm
          TCP.Setup.028       SYN RTO calc same as data
          TCP.Setup.029       Recommended initial values and bounds
          TCP.Setup.030       Source Quench => slow start
          TCP.Setup.033       SYN-RCVD remembers last state
          TCP.Setup.045       TCP handling of ICMPv6.
          TCP.Setup.046       TCP handling of ICMPv6.

          TCP.Options.059     Send MSS option unless 536
          TCP.Options.060     Send-MSS default is 536,
          TCP.Options.061     Build return route from src rt
          TCP.Options.062     Later src route overrides
          TCP.Options.063     Ignore options TCP doesn't understand

          TCP.Connected.034   Robust against shrinking window
          TCP.Connected.035   Sender probe zero window
          TCP.Connected.036   First probe after RTO, Exponential backoff
          TCP.Connected.037   Jacobson Congestion-Avoidance algorithm
          TCP.Connected.038   Karn's algorithm
          TCP.Connected.039   Jacobson's RTO estimation alg.
          TCP.Connected.040   Exponential backoff
          TCP.Connected.041   Delayed ACK's
          TCP.Connected.042   Delay < 0.5 seconds
          TCP.Connected.043   Every 2nd full-sized segment ACK'd

          TCP.Close.004       RST can contain data

With the addition of these new tests, the TCP Test Suite has more than 500 tests for TCP alone!  This does not include the SIP Tests, TLS Tests, IPv4 and IPv6 Tests, UDP Tests, and DHCP Tests.

New Test Results formats and Filtering Options

The "Save Results" dialog now supports saving of results in Plain Text (.txt) files, XML files (with HTML rendering via an XSL file), Comma Separated Value (CSV) files, and a CSV subset for only those tests that cover the requirements listed in the Summary tables of RFC 1122 "Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Communication Layers."

New PCAP options

The user has the option to save the PCAP files to the same directory as the result file.  The dialog now alerts you if you try to overwrite an existing file and gives you the option to overwrite or cancel the save.

Other Enhancements

Many tests were updated and reorganized based on user feedback.  

The new Maxwell Pro TCP/IP Test Suite is available now from InterWorking Labs.  InterWorking Labs produces protocol test suites, including SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite, as well as the Maxwell family of network emulators for real-world network application emulations and protocol impairments.  These solutions replicate and remediate the quality and performance of apps and devices in mobile, cloud, and wide area networks.