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Maxwell Pro TCP/IP Protocol Testing significantly simplified!

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA, May 15, 2014 – InterWorking Labs, developers of network emulators and protocol testers to improve the quality and operation of apps and devices in voice/video/data networks, today announced its new Echo Server for the Maxwell Pro TCP/IP Test Environment.

Rather than taking hours to instrument a TCP stack so that it responds to test streams, instrumentation now takes mere minutes.

The latest C language Echo Server program incorporates both a TCP and a UDP echo service - previously these two services were provided by running two different programs. The new Echo Server operates on Windows, OS X, Linux, and BSD systems. If any errors occur when the Echo Server makes any system call to the device under test, the Echo Server will print diagnostic output that includes test context.

The new Echo Server provides:

  • Easier control and monitoring.
  • Support for Windows, OS X, Linux, and BSD systems.
  • New and more useful diagnostic output.


The TCP Test Environment used by design engineers, quality assurance engineers and testers to find and fix bugs in TCP stacks or engines, assures that the TCP stack is sufficiently robust so that it is not vulnerable to the wide range of attacks in today's Internet.

The tests make use of the Maxwell Pro network emulation environment, so that each test sequence can intelligently impair all aspects of the TCP protocol.

The TCP Test Environment contains unique test cases that take on parameters for greater coverage. The tests ensure TCP compliance through vulnerability and robustness testing, with tests for both IPv4 and IPv6.