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InterWorking Labs Announces Maxwell™ the Network Impairment System

Maxwell enables product and network susceptibility analysis through stateful impairments of network traffic

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (February 11, 2003) - InterWorking Labs, developers of innovative products to measure, characterize, and debug next generation network devices in enterprise communications networks, today announced Maxwell, the Network Impairment System. Maxwell helps developers and enterprises evaluate the susceptibility of their products to disturbances in network traffic.

Products and applications may degrade or fail when confronted with real-world network events – packet drops, delays, duplications, corruptions, reordering, etc. – common occurrences on today’s Internet. Some manufacturers build multi-million dollar test networks to try to check a product’s behavior in the face of these network disturbances. Yet even with this effort and expense, these network disturbances may take weeks to generate and are difficult to consistently reproduce.

Maxwell addresses this challenge giving developers and enterprises the means to analyze the susceptibility of products to problems on today's Internet. Maxwell modifies flows--protocol discussions between network devices or applications--very precisely, in a controlled and stateful way, in real-time, while the protocol discussion continues. Maxwell can detect and track each flow statefully impairing each flow and continues to do so based on behavior of the end nodes. With Maxwell's results, developers are able to correct and improve their products, and enterprises can evaluate a product's performance on their intranet.

“The Internet is a rough place for network devices and applications. And it’s getting worse. Maxwell is an important means to gain confidence that products will survive and operate correctly, not only on today’s Internet but the Internet of the future,” stated Karl Auerbach, Chief Technical Officer.

Maxwell has access to every part of every packet in each direction. Maxwell can duplicate, reorder, delay, drop, corrupt or create any packet. In addition, Maxwell can modify any part of any packet. It also supports record and playback if the original packet source is no longer available.

“Enterprises cannot risk a failed technology deployment. By using Maxwell to evaluate exactly how a device or application will perform under a full range of network conditions, the CIO can then make a well-informed decision, managing deployment risks, and potentially saving millions of dollars,” reported Chris Wellens, President and CEO.

U.S. Pricing and Availability
Pricing for Maxwell-100 is $29,000 and includes one week of on-site engineering support. Pricing for Maxwell-VoIP extension is $6,000. Both products are available to order now. More information is available at

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