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Integrate the Mini Maxwell Network Emulator in a test harness to remotely control and automate a sequence of real-world network impairments, released over an extended period of time.

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“Our clients can set up an automated network emulation controlled from the Python program in less than ten minutes.”
--Karl Auerbach, CTO


Scotts Valley, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2011 - InterWorking Labs, developers of network emulators and protocol testers to improve the quality and operation of apps and devices in mobile, cloud, and wide area networks, today announced new support for remotely controlled and automated impairments in Mini Maxwell using a Python program.

Python is an interpreted language known for its concise and compact syntax. In addition, it supports dynamic typing and multiple programming paradigms. This means that users can easily understand and customize the Python program to meet their needs. Any platform running Python 2.6 or later, will execute the Python script to automatically run a set of impairments, over time, on Mini Maxwell.

Previously this capability was available through the Open Office spreadsheet, however, Mini Maxwell customers requested a more flexible, lighter weight solution via the Python scripting language.

“We find that controlling Mini Maxwell with the Python script provides our customers with maximum flexibility,” stated Karl Auerbach, Chief Technical Officer. “Our clients can set up an automated network emulation controlled from the Python program in less than ten minutes.”

In addition to the new support for Python, Mini Maxwell also offers additional capabilities.

Users may now specify impairment percentages to one part in one million, providing enhanced granularity.

Users may choose whether packets may be re-ordered as a side effect of jitter or kept in sequence. This is a major consideration for voice and video testing, since packet re-ordering is becoming increasingly common on the Internet.

Users may now provide a title and description for impairment settings, enabling a virtual library of scenarios for replay.

Mini Maxwell interface and band statics may now be obtained in JSON format. JSON is a lightweight text-based open standard intended for human-readable data interchange. (See IETF RFC 4627 for more information.) JSON is used as the data encoding method in all modern web browsers.