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New Mini Maxwell 3 delivers Automated Operation, “Load and Go”, and Bypass Mode -- capabilities never seen before in a $2,000 network emulator

SANTA CRUZ, CA, June 23, 2009 – InterWorking Labs creators of network emulation and protocol testing products to improve the quality and operation of voice/data/video (triple play) networks, today announced Mini Maxwell 3, the world's most cost effective network emulator.

Automated Operation - Time Release Impairments™

Mini Maxwell can now emulate adverse network conditions over an indefinite time period – several minutes or several hours. This is useful for observing the effects of multiple adverse network conditions on your application.

Examples of automated, real-world scenarios include:
    (1) slowly increasing the network loss, delay, or jitter and then suddenly dropping it back, pausing and beginning again.
    (2) creating a pattern of rising and falling waves of packet loss, delay, jitter, or packet duplication.
    (3) imposing and relaxing a sequence of bandwidth limitations.

Using a spreadsheet template, the user defines the impairments that are to be released over time to accomplish automated network emulation.

Load and Go

Often complex scenarios are defined and configured by a senior engineer, but executed by a completely different person (e.g. a sales person, an instructor, a technician). With the new Load and Go capability, a senior engineer can pre-configure Mini Maxwell and save the settings. When transported to a different network and powered up, Mini Maxwell will automatically activate those settings without any user intervention. No keyboard, mouse, or display is required; this allows operation in space-constrained environments.

Bypass Mode

In the testing and debugging process, it is always helpful to see how the application performs in perfect conditions, and then compare that performance to adverse network conditions.

With Mini Maxwell’s new Bypass Mode, the user toggles between two modes: a network emulation under adverse network conditions and normal operation (without impairments).

This lets the user do easy A-B comparison testing, with and without impairments. In addition to Automated Operation, Load and Go, and Bypass Mode, Mini Maxwell offers:

  • Layer 2 operation -- no special configuration required
  • Web based user interface accessible from any location
  • Compact, portable, lightweight package fits into laptop bag
  • Steady state or burst impairments (e.g. drop/lose, jitter)
  • Multiple bands: user-defined and standard packet filters sort traffic into five bands in each direction
  • Different impairments may be imposed on each band

Flash videos and more information can be found at

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