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New Maxwell Pro has performance improvements, GPRS tunneling support, "Alter" Impairment

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (January 6, 2011) - InterWorking Labs, developers of network emulators and protocol testers to improve the quality and operation of voice/video/data networks, today announced the latest version of Maxwell Pro, the Network Emulator and Protocol Tester.

Massive performance improvements and gains in accuracy

Maxwell Pro has entered the 64-bit world! In most measurement categories Maxwell Pro has double the performance and in some cases, there are several hundred percent improvements. Maxwell Pro now handles very high packet-per-second rates before packets are dropped. In addition, the delay timing is much more accurate.

The graphical user interface is more responsive due to improvements in the underlying graphic engine and windowing software that also easily accommodates video screen size adjustments.

"Echo Clients" enhanced and new traffic sources for easier TCP/IP testing

The Automated TCP/IP Test Suite plugin has many more options available to configure the echo clients. You can now specify the payloads, and expected responses, of TCP and UDP packets. This allows you to utilize existing applications on your test devices rather than having to port or otherwise rely on echo server applications.

Two new traffic sources, TCP Server and UDP Server, have been added. These allow you to use applications on your test device to initiate connections and tests for TCP and UDP protocols. In addition, many more traffic source parameters were added.

New Maxwell TCP/IP segmentation tests

Eleven new TCP segmentation tests have been added to the TCP Connected group of tests. These tests validate that a TCP implementation properly handles TCP segments whose data overlap or that arrive out of order. In some cases, you may set any amount of overlap and subsegment size.

New Maxwell "ALTER" impairment

A new standard impairment, "Alter", has been added. This allows you to insert, modify, or delete octet sequences at locations inside packets that you specify. Additional operations such as addition, bit-wise "and," "or," "xor," and checksum recomputations are also supported.

New General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) support

The GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) version 1 was added to the list of protocols that Maxwell understands. Maxwell can now apply impairments to the tunneled TCP header. Flow match selectors are now capable of handling tunneling so that they will automatically apply any TCP or UDP criteria to those protocols even if they are riding on top of, for example, IPv6 over IPv4.

Numerous bug fixes and smaller improvements are detailed in the official release notes.