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Multimedia equipment suppliers can now use Maxwell with the ITU-T G.1050 tests to provide performance data to carriers

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (July 25, 2008) - InterWorking Labs, developers of network test and emulation products to improve the quality and operation of voice/video/data networks, today announced support of the ITU-T Recommendation G.1050 - Network model for evaluating multimedia transmission performance over the Internet Protocol.

The Maxwell Network Emulator now supports all 1,512 test cases specified in the ITU-T G.1050.

Networked Multimedia Testing Model

Each one of the tests in the G.1050 introduces a specific network anomaly or impairment that is likely to occur on today's internet. The multimedia device under test, such as a voice over IP phone, or a video stream, must continue to operate correctly in the face of each network anomaly. The device must not crash or fail in any way.

These new multimedia devices containing voice or video streams are far more sensitive to network anomalies than traditional network devices, such as switches, servers or routers. When faced with routine network anomalies, the multimedia devices can suffer performance degradation or stop functioning.

The G.1050 provides a standardized model that all device manufacturers can utilize to test a range of known, deployed, network configurations containing network anomalies. In this way, the device manufacturer can test a multimedia product for each condition, and be certain that a product will perform reliably on today's internet.

Additional New Media Tests

In addition to the G.1050 network model tests, Maxwell also includes:

  • SIP protocol impairment tests that check the robustness of SIP implementations to vulnerabilities and attacks
  •  A set of Rate Limitation Scenarios to determine how well the new multimedia device performs under bandwidth limited conditions
  •  Alternative network models that allow the user to go beyond the 189 rate combinations and eight severity levels of the ITU G.1050 and define a specific network anomaly to test a specific situation
The ITU-T G.1050 tests are available now from InterWorking Labs. More information about the tests may be found at Maxwell ITU Tests

The ITU-T G.1050 specification May be obtained from the ITU