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InterWorking Labs Announces New IPv6 and TCP Impairments for Maxwell, the Network Impairment System

New release exercises TCP/IP Stacks with impaired IPv6 and more varieties of impaired TCP packets

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (December 7, 2004) - InterWorking Labs, developers of innovative products to measure, characterize, and debug next generation network devices in enterprise communications networks, today announced new TCP/IP impairments for Maxwell, the Network Impairment System.

TCP/IP is ubiquitous in today's interconnected devices -- from PDAs to SANs -- almost every connected and wireless network device contains a TCP/IP stack. The quality of that stack is a major component in determining the quality of the product.

Some of these devices have been subjected to interoperability testing -- testing to see if TCP/IP packets are exchanged correctly among multiple devices.

Some of these devices have been subjected to conformance testing -- testing to see if the device conforms to the TCP/IP specifications.

Interoperability and conformance testing will help insure the normal operation of a device, but they are no substitute for impairment testing -- testing to see if the device will properly handle impaired TCP/IP traffic in the real-world. Some products will hang, unexpectedly reboot, or worse completely fail, in the face of impaired TCP, IPv4 and/ or IPv6 traffic.

With Maxwell's new expanded TCP and IPv6 Test Environment, developers and testers, can verify the robust operation of their products in the face of these adverse network conditions.

Today's announcement underscores the "smart" capabilities of Maxwell. Maxwell goes beyond impairing network traffic, to impairing protocols. In addition to the comprehensive set of TCP/IP impairments, Maxwell now has a new set of impairments for impairing IPv6. This additional level of flexibility, precision, and intelligence is instrumental for accurate emulation of real-world network conditions.

"Real world devices must handle corrupted and malformed TCP/IP packets," explained Karl Auerbach, CTO. "Ideally, you want to subject your device or application against realistic conditions. Developers cannot have confidence in the quality of their products unless they test against a wide variety of realistic TCP/IP traffic."

By using more intelligence to the impaired TCP/IP Maxwell can introduce these impairments based on the state of the transaction, or conditions such as TCP setup, TCP congestive back-off, and so on.

The Maxwell TCP/IP Test Environment requires Maxwell, the Network Impairment System as the base platform. The Maxwell TCP/IP Test Environment is an additional option.