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Maxwell with new deterministic test results and a new test output analyzer will dramatically facilitate comprehensive TCP/IP testing.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (February 27, 2009) - InterWorking Labs, developers of network test and emulation products to improve the quality and operation of voice/video/data networks, today announced  deterministic test results for the Maxwell TCP/IP Test Suite Environment.

The Maxwell TCP/IP Test Suite now supports an automatic mode of operation that generates PASS/FAIL test results. For the non-automated mode, a new Test Output Analyzer facilitates test analysis when used with real-world traffic sources. The user may select one or both modes for testing.

New Automatic Mode

The new Maxwell Automated TCP/IP Test suite is designed to automatically run a suite of tests on TCP/IP stacks and analyze and present the results of those tests, all at the push of a button. 

Hundreds of test suites and traffic permutations exercise the robustness of the stack's IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv4, ICMPv6, UDP, and TCP code. A graphical user interface makes setup and running of the tests as quick and painless as possible.  A simple programming API is also available for more advanced or complex testing. 

The tests can be run singly or in sequence, with the system automatically generating PASS/FAIL reports, indicating those aspects of the stack that may need attention. A useful subset of the automated tests can be run without any special software added to the Device Under Test. 

The complete set of automated tests need nothing more than simple TCP and UDP echo servers to be running on the Device Under Test. Sample C source code for such "echo programs" is included so they can be ported to many test devices.

Non-Automated Mode: Test Output Analyzer

In the non-automated mode, the user supplies his own traffic stream or uses a traffic stream supplied by InterWorking Labs. 

This mode of TCP/IP test operation is popular with users with non-instrumented TCP/IP stacks. In some situations it is not possible or feasible to add instrumentation to the TCP/IP stack in the Device Under Test. In these situations, Maxwell can operate in "non-automatic" mode intercepting user supplied traffic streams and introducing impairments. 

Some of these tests generate a large amount of output. It can be time-consuming for the user to sort through this output and find the useful information about the performance of the Device Under Test. 

With the new Test Output Analyzer, the user can review the pertinent result information to find anomalies. The rest of the data may be safely discarded.

In addition to the TCP/IP Test Suite, Maxwell also includes:

• SIP protocol impairment tests that check the robustness of SIP implementations to vulnerabilities and attacks

• A set of Rate Limitation Scenarios to determine how well the Device Under Test performs under bandwidth limited conditions

• G.1050 network model tests with 189 rate combinations and eight severity levels

• Alternative network models that allow the user to define a specific network anomaly to test a specific situation

The new Maxwell TCP/IP Test Suite Environment is available now from InterWorking Labs. For more information about the tests, please schedule a webinar through InterWorking Labs.

InterWorking Labs provides products and solutions for network test and emulation: SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite, Mini Maxwell, the Portable Network Emulator, and the Maxwell Tester for real-world network application emulations and protocol impairments.