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Low end versions of the popular network emulator now support graphical displays of traffic flows and expanded packet classification.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (August 27, 2013) - InterWorking Labs, developers of network emulators and protocol testers to improve the quality and operation of apps and devices in voice/video/data networks, today announced new capabilities for its Maxwell G and Mini Maxwell network emulators.

Graphical displays of traffic flows

Users now have a visual reference of the overall state of the network emulation.

Users may now view graphs of network packets flowing through Maxwell from their web browser.  Traffic graphs display packets/second and octets/second for each direction of traffic.  Users choose to display incoming packets (or octet) counts, outgoing packets (or octect) counts, or both.

The new graphs allow users to determine the overall state of the network emulation with a glance.

Expanded packet classification

New packet classification filters classify based on three Ethernet header fields: source MAC address, destination MAC address, and the Ethernet type/length field. Note, these are not intended to work on packets with IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag fields.

These new filters complement the existing suite of IPv4, UDP, and TCP filters.

Classify traffic on Ethernet MAC address, ARP, or Spanning Tree

New filters classify traffic based on Ethernet header fields.  Filters are applied according to the filter sequence mechanism.

New pre-written Ethernet filters are provided for ARP and Spanning Tree.  The user may create and add new Ethernet filters to the inventory.

By using an Ethernet filter to classify traffic, the user can select all the traffic originating from a device, not just the IP traffic.  This provides more options and more flexibility.

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InterWorking Labs provides products and solutions to optimize the quality and performance of apps and devices in mobile, cloud, and wide area networks.  Products include protocol test suites, including SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite, as well as the Maxwell family of network emulators for real-world network application emulations and protocol impairments.