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InterWorking Labs Announces New Integration with Ixia

Integration with Ixia’s Performance Verification Solution provides a single controlled environment for testing automation

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (October 1, 2003) - InterWorking Labs, creators of innovative products to measure, characterize, and debug next generation networks, announced today the integration of SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite, with Ixia’s family of traffic generators and performance analyzers. For the first time, InterWorking Labs customers who use SilverCreek the SNMP Test Suite to verify correct operation of SNMP agents and their standard and proprietary MIBs, will now be able take advantage of Ixia’s hardware suite of test solutions to automate and more comprehensively test SNMP counters. By using an IXIA 400T or IXIA 1600T chassis to generate specific types of traffic at specific wire-speeds, SilverCreek can check the SNMP counters of the product under test for accuracy, syntax, overflows, and rollovers for a wide range of implementations.

"Up until now, manufacturers had to integrate and customize these products themselves; a process that could take two to four months of senior engineering resources, said Chris Wellens, President & CEO, InterWorking Labs. "Now these resources can be freed up, and customers can set up both products quickly and easily to begin testing."

"Ixia’s customers will benefit from an integrated SilverCreek-Ixia solution. The combination provides extensive testing for SNMP counter and interface implementations with large-scale switching and routing performance tests," said, Josh Goldstein, product line director at Ixia. "Our customers have recognized the individual benefits of both products, and this integrated solution from InterWorking Labs gives them a more complete picture of network performance."

The counters and interfaces are defined in documents produced by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). These include: RFC 1213 management information base for network management of TCP/IP based internets, RFC 2011 smiv2 management information base for the Internet protocol, RFC 2233 the interfaces group MIB using SMIv2, RFC 2863 the interfaces group MIB, and RFC 2665 definitions of managed objects for the Ethernet-like interface types.

Both network equipment manufacturers and ISPs who implement these RFCs need a way to determine if they have done the job correctly. This means they must verify that, for example, the interface for the incoming multicast packets counter (ifInMulticastPkts), accurately counts all the multicast traffic flowing through the target product. The Ixia traffic generator and performance analyzer generates multicast packets and sends that traffic to the product under test. SilverCreek then reads the incoming multicast packets counter to see if the value in the counter is the same as the number of packets sent by the Ixia chassis. If the values match, then the counter was implemented correctly. SilverCreek sends commands to the IXIA 400T or IXIA 1600T, to start the flow of traffic for each counter, then checks and verifies the accuracy of the results, and determines a result condition PASS, FAIL, etc.

The SilverCreek – Ixia integration is available from InterWorking Labs and its distributors.

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