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Maxwell Pro Network Emulator will create degraded communications to emulate real-life adverse network conditions at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals.

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA, January 21, 2015– InterWorking Labs, developers of network emulators and protocol testers to improve the quality and operation of apps and devices in voice/video/data networks, today announced its participation in the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals June 5-6, 2015, in Pomona, Ca.

The DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) is “a competition of robot systems and software teams vying to develop robots capable of assisting humans in responding to natural and man-made disasters.”[1] The DRC has challenged robotics teams from across the globe to make Robots that can perform life saving tasks under extreme conditions and poor communication networks.  The DRC'S two major goals for the communication infrastructure are:  reliability and robot autonomy.[2] InterWorking Labs participated in the previous portion of the competition, the DRC Trials, in December 2013 in Homestead, FL., with a bandwidth shaping device – InterWorking Labs' Mini Maxwell network emulator.staging-drc-robot

DARPA announced in June 2014, that the DRC Finals would have a different structure than the Trials. In particular, Communications will be further degraded and intermittent.[3] After reviewing the capabilities of all InterWorking Labs' Maxwell Network emulation products, the Maxwell Pro was chosen for its advanced programmatic capabilities.  Custom software will enhance the capabilities and meet the unique testing needs for the DARPA challenge.

At the DRC Finals the robots will communicate with their operators over a wireless network with Maxwell Pro intercepting and modifying the communication.

Acting as a Degraded Communications Emulator (DCE) the Maxwell Pro will emulate signal loss that might occur due to poor RF signal penetration through walls, as well as limited bandwidth and periods of “blackout” meaning no communication.[4] For a full description of the type of Communication Degradation planned, please refer to the DRC Comminications Document.

InterWorking Labs is excited to be involved in the DRC competition and the effort to improve robotic communications. For more information contact

InterWorking Labs provides products and solutions for network testing and emulation: SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite, Mini Maxwell, the Portable Network Emulator, Maxwell G, The One Gigabit Network Emulator, and Maxwell Pro, Network Emulator and Protocol Tester for real-world network application emulations and protocol impairments.

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