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InterWorking Labs Names Randy Presuhn to Advisory Board

SCOTTS VALLEY CA - (April 29, 2001) InterWorking Labs, Inc. ( announced today the appointment of Randy Presuhn as a member of the Company's Advisory Board.

Mr. Presuhn, age 43, has been with BMC Software since the PEER acquisition, and was responsible both as an architect and implementer for PEER's groundbreaking GDMO compiler and CMIP implementation, firmware, protocol stacks and tools. Later, he led the software effort that resulted in what later became the PATROL SNMP Toolkit, a major factor in the popularization of the subagent approach to providing SNMP-based access to management information. He currently works in BMC Software PATROL Network Management Strategic Business Unit.

"IWL has long been recognized for its pivotal role in the distributed management community. I consider it an honor to be able to help support their work," stated Mr Presuhn.

"Randy's deep technical knowledge of SNMP protocol issues combined with his even-handed treatment of technical issues and debates make him an ideal choice for the Advisory Board," said Chris Wellens, President and CEO of InterWorking Labs.

Mr. Presuhn has been active in the international standards community for over a decade and has served as editor or co-author of several IETF RFCs, including those defining the core of SNMPv3. He chairs the IETF distributed management working group. Awarded for his contributions and leadership as vice-chair of NCITS T3, he served as head of the US delegation to ISO/IEC JTC1/ SC21/WG4. He has participated in IRTF work, served as a reviewer and panelist for an IEEE application management workshop, and helps out as an IETF "MIB nanny" when needed.

Mr. Presuhn has published articles on CMIP and SNMP subagent technology issues and is on the SimpleTimes Editorial Board.

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