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The new SilverCreek SNMP counter tests generate normal and malformed (IPv4 and IPv6) packets via Scapy and then verify a correct count in the counters of the receiving network device, all in one seamless operation.


SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (August 29, 2012) - InterWorking Labs, the developer of SilverCreek, the authoritative SNMP Test Suite, announced new SNMP Counter Tests for assuring correct billing and network monitoring of equipment used by service providers.


The new SilverCreek SNMP Counters Test Suite provides comprehensive conformance and compliance testing in one integrated package. The tests utilize the new standards for IPv6 - aware counters. Through integration with the Scapy software packet generator, both normal and malformed packets are generated and checked to verify correct operation. SilverCreek tells Scapy to send certain kinds of packets to the networked device under test; the device must appropriately increment its counters and report the correct count to SilverCreek, all in one seamless operation. The result is an easy method to verify that networked devices, such as switches, routers, servers, etc. are correctly counting incoming packets, and operating properly, so that management information as well as customer bills are correct.


"If you have ever received a wildly incorrect bill from your cell phone provider or your ISP, you have probably been the victim of an improperly implemented SNMP counter," said Chris Wellens, President & CEO, InterWorking Labs. "Very often, service providers depend on SNMP counters in routers and switches to compute traffic consumption and utilization by their customers. An incorrect counter means an incorrect bill. With the new SilverCreek SNMP Counters Test Suite, service providers can verify that they are properly invoicing their customers based on actual utilization."



New Support for “IPv6 – aware” Counters


Over the last twelve months, service providers, as well as most global 2000 organizations, have accelerated their adoption rate of IPv6.


The IPv6 MIBs (management information base) define and organize the information required to manage, troubleshoot and diagnose IPv6 network operation:

  • RFC 4293 Management Information Base for the Internet Protocol (IP)
  • RFC 4022 Management Information Base for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
  • RFC 4113 Management Information Base for the User Datagram Protocol (UDP)


New network devices incorporating the IPv6 MIBs require test and verification of their counters.


The new version of SilverCreek has more than 140 new tests to verify if an IPv6 - aware counter is correctly counting valid packets as well as invalid packets, and incrementing the counter appropriately.



Integrated Software Packet Generator


Scapy is a freely available Python packet manipulation program, available for Windows and Linux. Scapy provides SilverCreek users with a software-based packet generator, able to forge normal and malformed SNMP packets, and send them on the wire to the device under test.


InterWorking Labs has integrated Scapy with SilverCreek, so that engineers can use a complete solution, for immediate test results. No time consuming integration of the two products is required.


With the Scapy integration, InterWorking Labs has created "the universal remote" of SNMP counter testing; clients can avoid the headaches of learning the ins and outs of multiple products and just concentrate on making sure that the IPv6 - aware counters are working properly. Service providers will have more confidence that the traffic consumption and utilization statistics are accurate.