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InterWorking Labs Hosts RMON2 Conformance Testing Event

Vendors Will Test Standards Conformance of Next Generation RMON Implementations

CAMPBELL, California (August 6, 1996) - InterWorking Labs, creators of the RMON Test Suite, will host the first RMON2 Test Summit here September 24 - 26 at the facilities of Stardust Technologies. InterWorking Labs, Stardust Technologies, and International Network Services (INS) are sponsoring the three-day RMON2 Test Summit to give networking vendors a secure, neutral interoperability testing environment where they can test their products and applications for compliance with the emerging RMON2 Remote Monitoring network management standard.

A number of leading network vendors have committed to participate in the event, including Bay Networks, Cisco Systems, Frontier, and 3Com/Axon.

"RMON2 is a key standard for monitoring enterprise networks, and implementing workable solutions is no trivial undertaking," said Chris Wellens, CEO of InterWorking Labs. "That's why we created the RMON2 Test Summit; to provide a safe testing environment where vendors can bring their products to test for real-world RMON2 interoperability, compliance, and performance. We have designed a comprehensive suite of RMON2 tests and structured the testing environment so engineers can come together to test for interoperability and compare notes on the best methods to implement practical RMON2 solutions."

Each participating company is invited to send up to three engineers and any number of products to be tested. During the RMON2 Test Summit, participants will be able to compare like implementations with other engineers, and test their own products for RMON2 compliance as well as testing for compatibility with other RMON2 solutions. Each participating vendor will receive a Beta copy of InterWorking Labs' new RMON2 Test Suite for either Windows, Solaris, or HP/UX prior to the event, and they will be able to use these tests, as well as real-world interoperability, to evaluate RMON2 performance in individual products.

Steve Waldbusser, author of the RMON and RMON2 documents for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), will serve as Chief Technical Officer for the Summit event and oversee all conformance testing. Steve is the Principal Architect of International Network Services (INS), a provider of network integration, management, and consulting services to help clients optimize the performance of their mission-critical, enterprise networks

"RMON2 is a key standard for monitoring enterprise networks and plays an important role in INS' strategy," Waldbusser said. "It is critical that the RMON2 Test Summit establish interoperability amongst the RMON2 suppliers."

Stardust Technologies is providing a comprehensive testing facility with a complete working network so each participant will have access to a test station with six network connections.

"As well as being heavily involved in the development of the RMON2 standard, we at Cisco are working with our partner, Frontier Software, toward incorporating RMON2 into our products in the coming months," noted Andy Bierman, Staff Engineer at Cisco Systems and Working Group Chair and co-author of the RMON Protocol Identifiers document for the Internet Engineering Task Force. "We are thankful to InterWorking Labs for providing the opportunity for all vendors to perform RMON2 interoperability testing of their initial implementations."

"The INS EnterprisePRO service provides a network monitoring solution for large, heterogeneous networks incorporating a variety of standards, including RMON," Waldbusser added. "Therefore, interoperability is crucial to INS and our clients. That's why an event such as the RMON2 Test Summit is so important to the future of computer networking."

The fee for participating in the RMON2 Test Summit is $4,995. Space is limited, so interested parties are requested to make their reservations no later than September 1, 1996. More information about the RMON2 Test Summit is available from InterWorking Labs.

InterWorking Labs specializes in developing Internet standard conformance testing solutions for network hardware and software manufacturers. For example, the company's recently released SNMP Test Suite, Revision 4.0, was developed to verify product compliance with SNMPv2, the recently revised Simple Network Management Protocol community standard, and includes more than 70 new tests for MIB II compliance, as well as a battery of improved tests to check SNMP compliance for proprietary MIBs. InterWorking Labs also offers the RMON Test Suite, which tests products implementing the Remote Monitor Management Information Base (RMON, RFC 1271), the Printer MIB Test Suite, which is intended to test products for compatibility with the IETF's Printer MIB (RFC 1759), and a UPS MIB to test SNMP compatibility in uninterruptible power supplies.