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InterWorking Labs Announces New Version of SilverCreek, the official SNMP Test Suite

InterWorking Labs adds a newly enhanced MIB Table Inspector Tool, remote operating capabilities and many other features

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (August 25, 2006) - InterWorking Labs, developers of innovative products to measure, characterize, and debug next generation network devices in enterprise communications networks, today announced new features and capabilities in SilverCreek 10.4.

Newly Enhanced MIB Table Inspector

Users can easily view, update and add rows in MIB tables with the newly enhancled MIB Table Inspector Tool. Not-accessible table index objects are specially handled and displayed in the same way as other columnar objects.  This facilitates readability of string indexed rows for quicker analysis and debugging.

Remote Operating Capabilities

With SilverCreek on Windows platforms, the Remote Terminal Service is now supported.  This allows users to take advantage of the Windows Remote Desktop to run SilverCreek over a VPN connection.  Thus, the user can work on his Windows laptop at his home office to run SilverCreek on his lab machine at the company location.

With SilverCreek on Solaris and Linux (Red Hat Fedora Core) platforms, users may now remotely run multiple copies of SilverCreek via different login names through X windows.

Other Improvements

SilverCreek now supports Tcl/Tk 8.4.13 that addresses challenges presented by Fedora Core 5.

These latest improvements are the capstone to the highly successful SilverCreek 10 release which introduced several impressive new tools, including:   

  • the SNMP Packet Recorder Decoder with its Ethereal-like capability including decoding SNMPv3 packets
  • new Test Management organizer for categories of compliance -- basic, intermediate, and advanced
  • the new Tcl Script Generator Tool for non-programmers to create their own tests
  • the new Open Database Connectivity implementation permitting testers to organize regression test results into their choice of database

SilverCreek 10.4  is available now from InterWorking Labs.