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Gambit Communications: SNMP AGENT SIMULATION

If you set up test networks for sales demos, development, testing, training, support and evaluation of SNMP-based network management applications, take advantage of SNMP agent simulation technology! The MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator from Gambit Communications, Inc. provides a simulated network management environment of unlimited scale at a fraction of the cost of traditional laboratories.


SNMP Research


 SNMP Research provides innovative solutions for extensible agent, manager station, and mid-level manager implementations that are based on SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, HTTP, and other protocols. SNMP Research provides products and services worldwide to end-users, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), value-added resellers, and system integrators.


InterNiche Technologies

textlogo140InterNiche provides complete SNMP v1/v2c/v3, IPv4 & IPv6 network stacks, IPSec and TLS/SSL security protocols and operating system solutions for deeply embedded devices. Developed specifically for the demanding footprint, performance and reliability requirements of network attached devices, InterNiche products are royalty-free, highly portable, easy-to-use ISO/ANSI 'C' source code solutions that enable developers to get their new products to market faster than ever before.


Tail-f Systems

tail-f-logo Tail-f Systems is the leading provider of XML-based software and tools to enable networking equipment providers to build carrier-grade network management systems. Tail-f Systems provides a full family of products to build and extend network management systems. ConfD and Instant NETCONF Agent are designed for embedded systems. ConfM is designed to extend the functionality of EMS/NMS products.



Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: WIND) is a leading provider of embedded software and services for smart devices in the Internet age.