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Mini Maxwell network emulation system


Mini Maxwell is portable, easy to use network emulator for less than $2k.

Mini Maxwell network emulator Mini Maxwell, Power Connector

Quick, Easy, Inexpensive

Evaluating performance before deployment? Cloud testing your app? No matter what the task, you need to account for wide ranging adverse network conditions. limited bandwidth, delayed packets, malformed packets, Lossy networks (LLNs), and more. Need some help getting started?


Form Factor -- rack mount or paperback?

Whether you need a portable solution or a rackmount package, Mini Maxwell can deliver!

Portable size: If you have low power requirements, or need ultra quiet operation.

Rackmount pkg: If you have security, inventory control or tracking concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mini Maxwell supports packet drop/loss, duplication, delay (latency)/jitter, reorder, and burst. Operating in layer two bridging mode to minimize configuration and remain "invisible" to the devices under test. Read the General FAQ or the Technical FAQ.



  • Set up in less than fifteen minutes
  • Control from anywhere on the network
  • Script or web page driven
  • Invoke rate limitation
  • Change settings "on the fly" without restarting 
  • Layer 2 device, acts like a bridge -- no special configuration
  • Maxwell Application Overview in PDF pdf icon small

Mini Maxwell Network Emulator Use-Cases

Training & Learning

What is the effect on SAN devices when parallel routing paths that create re-ordering?

Use Mini Maxwell network emulator to augment training classes with hands-on lab sessions. Students or the instructor can study the question above, or emulate a satellite connection, create a denial of service attack, or any other network condition.  Students then correlate network behavior with causes of that behavior and learn how networks operate.  For product training, students can gain experience with your product to see how it behaves under adverse network conditions.  This provides deeper product knowledge and inspires more confidence for product support.

Demonstrations & Tradeshows

How does the new VoIP phone perform when 10 ms of jitter is applied to the voice traffic?  Can you still hear clearly?

Use the Mini Maxwell network emulator to demonstrate your product.  The Mini Maxwell network emulator system emulates the real-world network.  You set the conditions (misconfigured routers, congestion, and timeouts) and the Mini Maxwell emulator emulates the network experience.  Customers can then visualize your product and see it perform.  Best of all, the Mini Maxwell network emulator system fits into your laptop bag or carry-on. Set it up in your tradeshow booth or in the customer's conference room in just a few minutes.  Get everyone's attention on the key benefits of your product, not the network setup.

Testing, Validation & Troubleshooting

Was it the misconfigured router that caused the server to slow down or was it a bug in the server?

Use the Mini Maxwell network emulation system to test and replicate bugs in BETA releases and at customer sites. Recreate intractable and intermittent bugs.  Show the customer the real cause of the problem.  Avoid finger pointing and provide conclusive proof of network problems, such as misconfigured routers, long queues in switching devices as well as transient routing loops, inadequate compensation algorithms in VoIP devices ,or tunnels with inadequate MTUs. Mini Maxwell's network emulation system low power and quiet operation lets you quickly set it up in a wide variety of environments.

Mini Maxwell network emulation system is an easy to use, portable, low cost, network emulator.  Attach Mini Maxwell at any point in the network without any special configuration.   From a web interface, introduce adverse condition or bandwidth limited conditions and network impairments.  Then observe the behavior on applications and devices.

In this way, you can quickly and efficiently determine how resilient your product is to the unfavorable conditions that occur with frequency on real-world networks. 

Optimize Application Performance

Emulate your network with new applications, adverse conditions, and anything else you can think of with Mini Maxwell.  The Mini Maxwell network emulator will create the same real-world conditions that affect production networks in your lab or on your desktop, so you can visualize and understand the effects. The Mini Maxwell network emulator is well suited to training and learning environments, demonstrations and trade shows, and testing, validation and troubleshooting.

  • Test, diagnose and remediate your app or device by replicating the production network in the lab as an emulation.
  • Learn how your app will perform in mobile, cloud, and WAN networks.

Find Problems Before Anyone Else

As network applications proliferate and users attach new types of devices to networks, the need for high QoS and better packet compensation algorithms increases. Through use of a network simulator, you can discover hidden problems that only reveal themselves at the worst possible moments and fix them, saving time, money, and your reputation. Let us help add the Maxwell Network Emulator to your lab!


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