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Maxwell G has been replaced by KMAX

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Simple Setup and Web Interface

Attach Maxwell G at any point in the network without any special configuration.  From a web interface, point and click to introduce bandwidth limited conditions or network impairments.  Then observe the behavior on applications and devices.  In this way, you can quickly and efficiently determine how resilient your product is to the conditions that occur on real-world networks.

Changes occur when submitted - there is no need to restart.

Settings may be saved onto the user's own computer and restored when needed.

Scripting and Autonomous Operation

The current settings may be saved to , and they will be automatically restored when Maxwell G is powered up.  This facilitates field operation where it would be inconvenient to have a keyboard, mouse, monitor.

Maxwell G may be scripted from another computer using a spreadsheet of a Python program.

Comprehensive Graphs of Network Flows

View graphs of network packets flowing through Maxwell from the web browser:


Packet Classification Filters

  • Maxwell G is able to classify packets on the basis of many IP, UDP, and TCP header fields
  • Traffic may be classified into as many as five bands in each direction (ten bands total)
  • Different impairments may be imposed onto each band
  • Multiple filters may be simultaneously active
  • Users may create their own filters
  • Filter changes occur when submitted on the fly, no need to restart

Multiple Bands

With Maxwell G, the user may impose several kinds of impairments on up to five different traffic flows in each direction (ten bands total).

Impairment changes occur when submitted on the fly, no need to restart

To support A-B comparison testing a bypass-mode allows all impairments to be turned off and on using a mouse click.

Package Specifications

  • Dimensions:  12.90" x 8.70" x 3.80" 
  • Weight :  5.5 lbs. 
  • Shipping Weight:  16.0 lbs.
  • Power Supply:  150W
  • Storage:  Two Internal 2.5" Drive Bays
  • Front Ports:  USB / Audio / e-SATA

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