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Maxwell Pro with 10 GE interfaces

The design of the Maxwell Pro permits network simulations that include 128 bidirectional network flows to provide extremely accurate network emulations. This impressive capacity coupled with ten gigabit Ethernet interfaces allows very complex and very accurate, large scale, emulated networks. 

In addition, beyond packet-oriented network impairments, Maxwell Pro offers protocol impairments, so that each individual bit of each packet may be modified to test common exploits and vulnerabilities.  A robust packet classification mechanism complements the protocol impairments and the 128 bidirectional network flows to maximize the emulated network's accuracy.

With 10 gigabit Ethernet interfaces, Maxwell Pro interfaces support data speeds up to 10 billion bits per second.  NOTE: 10 gigabit Ethernet (10-Gigabit Ethernet) is also known as 10GE, 10GbE or 10 GigE.

Unlike 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 10GE provides full duplex data transmission, so that data transmission is bidirectional on the media, without the requirement for Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (CSMA/CD).

In assessing the requirement for 10GE in a network emulator, it is important to identify more aspects of the application requirement then just the data rate.  For example: 

  • Single mode or multimode?
  • Long haul or short haul?

In the case of fiber, what kind of fiber optic cable will be used?


For bandwidth requirements on the 10GE link:

  • What is the average packet size?
  • What is the maximum load?
  • Will you be saturating the link? Using 50% of the link?
  • What is the average load (sustained throughput)? (e.g. 40% of the link, 75% of the link?)
  • What is the peak load? (what is the load when demand spikes?)
  • What is the application?  For example:
    • Saturate a 10 GE link and then see what happens when 20% jitter is applied? or
    • Aggregate and consolidate traffic streams that would normally exceed 10 GE, but through proprietary algorithms, somehow compress the traffic to fit in 9.5 gig?
    • or something else?

Depending on the requested latency and packet sizes, Maxwell Pro can forward between 240,000 and 650,000 packets per second.

Product Source

The 10G Maxwell Pro uses an Intel 10G dual-port NIC. That NIC uses Intel SFP+ modules to accommodate different kinds of optical fiber needs. In addition, two of the Intel SR versions of the SFP+ modules are utilized.

Card: Intel E10G42BTDA Server Adapter X520-DA2 10Gbps PCI Express 2.0 x8 2 x SFP+

SFP+ Modules: Intel E10GSFPSR Ethernet SFP+ SR Optics (NOTE: two modules are required.)


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