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Simulate worse case conditions

Simulate adverse network conditions in the lab with Maxwell Network Simulators.  IT professionals and mobile and cloud project managers can learn how a new device or app will perform under the full range of real-world adverse network conditions via the Maxwell Network Simulator.   Regardless of the network -- mobile, cloud, satellite, and the Internet -- adverse network conditions do occur.  The frequency and likelihood of occurrence are defined by the ITU 1050.G.   These adverse conditions range from transient packet drops, network congestion, high latency, jitter, packet loss, bandwidth constraints, Lossy networks and many more. (Read our White Paper to learn more.)

Is your plan even viable?

What is the viability of your new app or device under a specific network scenario?  Can it withstand routine network variabilities or will it fail to meet user expectations?

Define a network simulation of very specific conditions to validate the new app or device with our Maxwell Network Simulator.  Learn the effects of various network simulations on your app or device so you can diagnose and remediate network problems or address the limitations of  app and device performance.


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Maxwell Family -- Quick View

  • Quick and easy set up in less than fifteen minutes
  • No special configuration of your app or device is required.
  • Eliminate extraneous local traffic for accurate network simulations.
  • Control the network simulation from any location.
  • Create scripts to introduce different conditions over time.
  • Apply real-time changes for "what if" scenarios.
  • Supports standard impairments (drop, delay, jitter [with or without reordering], duplication), statistical distributions, Lossy Networks, and rate limitation

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Learn How to Emulate 3G/4G Networks

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