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DongleLocked Windows2

Installing Dongle-locked SilverCreek on Windows Systems

These instructions assume that you have already installed the client version of SilverCreek on your Windows system.


Start the SilverCreek applicaton

When you start SilverCreek for the first time, you will see a message box that tells the hostID of the Windows system. Please ignore it.

In this case, the dongle is simply a USB NIC card. You will receive a USB NIC card along with a matching fortlm_license file from InterWorking Labs.


Install the Dongle

Insert the USB dongle into a USB port on your windows system. If you also received a driver installation program for the NIC card, please set it up.


Check the USB card

Make sure the installed USB card is functioning properly. To do this, from a DOS window run:

ipconfig /all
to check if the USB NIC card has been properly assigned a MAC address.

NOTE: The USB NIC card dongle does NOT need to be actively connected to a network for SilverCreek to operate properly.


Install the FortLM license

Next, you will install the fortlm_license.lic file.

The simplest way is to use the "Import" button on the "License File Required" dialog when SilverCreek starts up.

Alternatively you can take a copy of the fortlm_license.lic file and place it in SilverCreek's home directory. 
This is usually "Program Files->InterWorking Labs, Inc->SilverCreek Mx".

NOTE: You must retain the file name as fortlm_license.lic.


Restart SilverCreek

Restart SilverCreek. You should be up and running. 
    If not please check out FortLM error code or contact support

NOTE: Please be sure to keep the dongle in a safe place; if it is lost, you will have to purchase a new one!
You may exchange a damaged USB NIC card for a fee.



Did you get an error?

Need to troubleshoot?

See the FortLM Error Codes