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Download the SilverCreek software distribution

Go to

If you do not know your username and password, please email Support.

Click the "SilverCreek Updates" category.

Select the desired installer (e.g. sc-m3-2013.111228-linux.tar.gz)  and download it.

Save the downloaded package to permanent storage for future use

Once the downloading has completed, extract the package from the downloaded file, as follows:

% tar -xzvf tarfile.gz

For example:

% tar -xzvf sc-m3-2013.111228-linux.tar.gz

Here, tarfile is the name of the file to be extracted.

After extracting the package, please DO NOT try to uncompress disk*.Z file further, proceed directly to step number 2 below.


Run the scripts

You will need a Graphical User Interface (GNOME, KDE, or any X server set up as the DISPLAY) to complete the installation.

The installation script will start a setup wizard to guide you through the rest of the installation process.

You can start the installation by moving to the extracted directory (e.g., sc-m3-2011.111228)

    cd sc-m3-2011.111228

and then run the following command:

The installation script will start a setup wizard to guide you through the rest of the installation process.


Start the application to get the Host ID

To start SilverCreek, move to the installed target directory (e.g., /home/mary/silvercreekMx)

Initiate the application as shown below:

   bin/test-agent (to start test suites and tools)

   bin/browse-agent (to start tools only, not testsuites)

Upon SilverCreek startup, you will be given a hostID in the "License File Required" window.

You can also get hostID by executing the command lmhostid found in SilverCreek's "bin" directory.

Send an email to License Request, including your Serial Number, the Host ID and the installed product (e.g., sc-m3-2011.111228-linux.tar.gz)


Install the license file you received to unlock the software

You will receive a new FortLM license file via email from InterWorking Labs.  (Be sure to check your spam folder if you have not received it.)

Remove the old license file and save it to temporary media (e.g. cloud storage, USB memory stick),

After receiving the new fortlm_license.lic file, you need to install it into SilverCreek's home directory.

For example, if you installed SilverCreek in /home/bob/silvercreekMx

Then you should place the fortlm_license.lic in /home/bob/silvercreekMx

Alternatively if you saved the fortm_license.lic file received in your email inbox into a folder on your computer you can click the "Import" button to copy it into your SilverCreek root directory when prompted for license.


Congratulations! Restart SilverCreek; you should be up and running!

If SilverCreek is not up and running, please contact Support.



Did you get an error?

Need to troubleshoot?

See the FortLM Error Codes