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Is your app or device ready for deployment?
It can be.

Uncover performance, compliance, and operational issues prior to deployment.


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network emulation, Test you apps under all network conditions


Network Emulation


Test your app under all network conditions—3G/4G, satellite, WAN, cloud—in your lab.

network protocol testing,


Protocol Testing


Are the network protocols implemented properly and securely, conforming to the specs, in your app or device?




Test your app or device under all network conditions – from the routine to the extreme. Automate a wide variety of network conditions from 3G/4G to Cloud to WAN to Satellite to Internet. Uncover performance and operational issues prior to deployment.

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Finding and fixing software defects constitutes the largest expense for the software industry. Learn why line speed testing isn’t enough and the importance of functional testing!

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Trial deployments are expensive and yield limited data. Learn how to properly characterize your application or device performance prior to deployment.

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"Apple uses Maxwell to emulate all varieties of customer networks and access points — from limited network bandwidth to extreme latency to packet drops.

By testing our products with Maxwell prior to deployment, we ensure that customers have a solid experience when they get new Apple software or hardware in their hands."

— Dmitry Halavin, Apple Inc.

Your new app is finally done. You’re ready to release it.

  • Will your app perform correctly under all network conditions?
  • What’s the best way to test real-world network conditions – today or in the future?

KMAX Product Brief in PDF KMAX Network Emulator

Predefined Network Scenarios

  • Point, click, and emulate your target environment.
  • We did the math!  We did the equations!
  • We took care of the details.
  • You can focus on your app or device.

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KMAX Network Emulator Network Emulator

Real world networks have long distance links, satellites, congested routers, firewall inspection, packet interception, hardware failures, and other outages. But the networks in most software development labs are too fast and too clean – not at all like the real Internet. You must test and verify application performance prior to deployment. A poorly performing app can erode user confidence and damage your reputation.

Assure success by emulating real-world network conditions in the lab, and subject the application to the full range of network conditions likely to occur. 

Download KMAX Product Brief


Create a real-world network

KMAX network Emulator

in your test lab.



Control Network Conditions

The KMAX network emulator helps network engineers test and measure performance in order to identify and remove defects. Network emulators turn well behaved development and test networks into the kind of slow, congested, and less-than-reliable services encountered on the internet.

In addition, unlike the real internet, network emulators allow the operator to control these conditions so that products and apps can be subjected to controlled and repeatable tests, by routing selected packets through a series of impairment nodes.

The Result:

  • Deliver robust, high quality products and applications
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Eliminate guesswork and surprises
  • Completely characterize your app’s network performance

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State of the Art, Fully Intuitive User Interface

Use the KMAX Network Emulator from any web browser on a tablet or desktop. Use the Wizard to guide you through set up and operation. Point and click to select the scenario closest to your production environment. KMAX scenarios contain sets of network impairments -- drops, delay, jitter, etc. -- that may be fine tuned and adjusted to match your environment:


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Select a pre-defined, network emulation scenario from our library -- more than 22 are available!   Some examples include:

Cross-Atlantic T1 ATM link Cellular radio handoff
Low earth orbit satellite VoIP: To remote office via WAN
Geosynchronous satellite VoIP: multi-way conference over WiFi
Streaming media over satellite Connection impairments
Periodic network downtime Failover to backup servers

Pre-built library scenarios feature intuitive controls that appear on top of an end-to-end diagram of the whole network, to provide a bird’s eye view. You can also add your own custom background diagram.

Contact Us for a demonstration of the KMAX Scenarios.


KMAX configurations:

  • Paperback size - If you require a small form factor package, then KMAX MM is right for you. With 10/100 Mbits/sec interfaces, KMAX MM can easily emulate VoIP, satellite, cloud, and WAN applications.
  • Lunchbox size - KMAX G provides great value for those requiring 10/100/1000 Mbits/sec interfaces. If you need the "G", the one gigabit/sec interfaces, then KMAX G is your solution.
  • Rackmount
  • Software-only version for VMware ESXi environments.

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