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Many users who place their Maxwell G's into a lab find it inconvenient to operate the Maxwell G in the lab itself.  So they export a desktop onto a Windows or Linux desktop computer in a more comfortable location.

The best tool for this is VNC.  The Virtual Network Computer (VNC) uses a client/server framework.  The VNC viewer/client executed on the local computer (usually your desktop, laptop, or mobile device).  The VNC viewer connects to the VNC server that runs on Maxwell G.  The VNC server transmits a duplicate of the Maxwell G's display to the VNC viewer on your desktop/laptop/mobile device.  When you type commands they are transmitted to and executed on Maxwell G.

VNC requires that the user login to a command prompt (usually via SSH or via a locally attached keyboard/monitor) in order to initiate a VNC server on Maxwell G. The server, when started, announces address and port/desktop number information that needs be fed to the VNC client.

That server can then be accessed from a VNC client using that number information.

Getting VNC started can be somewhat difficult, particularly if there have been previous VNC sessions.

InterWorking Labs provides a shell script that will clean out an stale VNC server information and start a new, clean VNC service.

That script is in a file named /home/maxwell/bin/startvncserver

If you have any difficulties with VNC execution on Maxwell G, please send a note to and we will help diagnose the problem and provide more detailed instructions.