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One or our users had some difficulty setting up the filters in Mini Maxwell.  The user wants to set up two filters into two bands, each band having different impairments;  The user is wondering what happens to packets that match both of those filters.

Question:  (by Shamrock)  I'm trying to establish two different UDP filters on two different bands. When I submit a filter to be active individually the network traffic is filtered correctly, but when I activate both filters at the same time one of the filters does not see the  desired traffic. What am I doing wrong?

 Answer: (by MrFixIt) I think no one at InterWorking Labs answered the question because no one understood it :-) Let me give you an example of UDP traffic.

If you are going to filter all UDP traffic that has to happen in one band. However you impair it in that band (e.g. drop it, duplicate it), it is impaired and exits out the data interface. You cannot do further impairments in another band.

Now, you could pick another band and do some impairments on the non-UDP traffic, such as TCP, so that you are applying drops to all UDP traffic from A to B in band one, and then re-ordering to all TCP traffic from A to B in band two. Does this make  sense?

BTW ... there's a good example in the Filters section of the User Guide on the website under Support.