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A user asks if he/she can send commands to Mini Maxwell without going through the web page graphical user interface.  The answer is "yes"; Mini Maxwell can be controlled from a Python script running on another computer.

Question: (by Shamrock) Is there a way that I can send commands to Mini Maxwell remotely? Or do I have to use the GUI? Is there any type of command line interface that I could use?

Answer One:(by Sapient)  You can actually set up commands in a spreadsheet and then run that remotely. There's a video called:

"Increasing Network Packet Loss Rate

Answer Two:  (by MrFixIt) Actually there is also a Python program that you can use. You need to download it from the Customer Downloads section at

Basically, you can bypass the Mini Maxwell web pages and have the Python program take control. You can start the program from a CLI and it works with any framework written in Tcl, Perl, Python, etc.

You need Rev 12 or later of Mini Maxwell and Python v2.6 or later.