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Question:  (by DKorzuchin)  Hi, I have a question about the Maxwell pro--I want to filter traffic based not only on the ip address of two machines but particular ports as well. Is this possible?

Answer:  (by JimLogajan)  You can create a filter matching one, two, or a range of port numbers (where the range is set using a bit mask) by setting parameters in the "IPv4 and LAN Filter" or "IPv6 and LAN Filter" dialogs available under the "Flow Selector" dialog.

Alternately, you can use the "Match Expression" dialog to filter on up to four source or destination ports by setting the appropriate offset into the TCP or UDP headers and setting the desired match values.

If that isn't enough, you can create up to 64 flows (click on the root "System" node in the selection tree in the left panel of the main GUI and set the "Number of Flows" field,) with each flow set up with a subset of the desired ports using one of the previous mechanisms. This would provide up to 256 ports to be selectively chosen for the desired impairments. This approach is somewhat tedious to set up from the GUI but generally much easier using a script that takes advantage of the Remote API.