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Question:  (by Choco)  I want to customize my emulated burst traffic by regularly dropping packets for every burst. How do I tell maxwell, for example, that I want it to drop x packets every 10 packets

Answer: (by Jim Logajan) You can perform periodic impairments like that using Maxwell's "Flow Triggering" mechanism. It allows you to define a flow that impairs every nth packet that matches the flow. For example, to drop X packets after every 10 packets, you would first select the "Flow Selector" branch for a flow (such as Flow 0). Then place a check mark in one of the options that are labeled "LAN Filter", such as "IPv4 and LAN Filter".

The "Flow Triggering" button should now be active - clicking it will display the flow triggering dialog.

Select either "Basic" or "TcpUdp" trigger type. The GUI contains an explanation of their meanings; if in doubt select "Basic".

Since you want to drop every 10 packets you would enter 10 into the "Number of Packets in Initial Lull" field. Then enter your X value into the "Number of Packets to Impair" field. If you want the drops to go on forever then leave the "Number of Trigger Repetitions" field at zero.

Now click the "Apply" button to start the filtering. But wait - we haven't actually told Maxwell that we want packets in Flow 0 to be dropped! Click on flow zero's "Drop" branch. Check mark the "Activate Packet Drop" field and enter 100% into the "Drop Probability" field. Maxwell will now begin dropping X packets after every 10 packets.

If you need to narrow the type of packets that are included in the drops you would need to supply additional filter criteria in the "Flow Selector" dialog for that flow.