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Question:  (by Admin)  I have a Maxwell Pro and we are now working with a team in India. I am located in Milpitas California along with the Maxwell Pro. My team in India wants to utilize Maxwell Pro as well.

Is there a way that the Indian team can remotely login to my Maxwell Pro and use it?

Answer:  (by Admin) Remote access control could be done using X-Windows, VNC, or via the Maxwell TCP/IP control connection on its default port. Since most likely there are firewalls involved, unless you have a VPN between the two sites, you'll generally need to use something like an ssh tunnel to the desired service port on the Maxwell (i.e. port 6000 for X-Windows, 590X for VNC display X, 7021 for Maxwell TCP/IP) and then have the client connect to the local port that was chosen.

What sort of network connection constraints do you have, what kind of control does the remote site need (running protocol tests, running network impairments, shell command control and/or GUI control) and which of the mechanisms mentioned above, if any, are likely candidates that would fit your needs?