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Question:  (by Admin for Choco)  I would like to test that the sending side sends a PUSH bit in the request packet. Is there a way I can do that without purchasing your TCP test suite (we don't have the budget right now)?

Note that RFC 1122 states:

A TCP MAY implement PUSH flags on SEND calls.  If PUSH flags
are not implemented, then the sending TCP:
(1) must not buffer data indefinitely, and
(2) MUST set the PSH bit in the last buffered segment (i.e., when there is no more queued data to be sent).

Just trying to run some experiments on that.

Answer:  (by Admin)  Hi Choco, One thing you could do is play around with the ALTER impairment. You can modify a specific packet right from the UI. I've been using it for various packet manipulations.

Also, I've got the Maxwell TCP Test package and there is a test in there to do what you want. But you can do it with the ALTER impairment.