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Question:  (by Syed)  When i executed the testcases , it shows that the log is collected at the below location,

C:/Users/sambalam/AppData/Local/Temp/sctmp-5632-test_SNMP-SLSP-PE- 01-32.log

But is it possible to change the default path?

Thanks in Advance.


Answer One:  (by Samwa)  go to Tools->Options->Misc: Logging tests results to....

Answer Two:  (by JimLogajan)  Here are two ways to change the default path (the following is based on the operation of the latest release of SilverCreek):

1) Use the GUI menu selection "Tools" -> "Options" to display the Options dialog window. In that window select the "Misc" tab. Near the bottom should be an entry that allows you to select a folder path where the log files are created. Set it to the desired path and click "OK".

2) Set the user environment variable TMP or TEMP so that one of them contains the desired path. The environment variable value will only be used if the GUI options mechanism doesn't set the path.

Setting environment variables on MS Windows varies depending on the version; check Microsoft documentation for guidance. For example, the way such variables are assigned values when using Windows XP is outlined here: