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Question:  (by Maverick)  If YES, then please suggest how it is done? Answer One:  (by Sandiyago)  This depends on whether the device has implemented a MIB that contains a writable object you can set to cause the agent to reboot. For example, cable module must have DOCS-CABLE-DEVICE-MIB implemented. The DOCS-
CABLE-DEVICE-MIB defines an object:
docsDevResetNow OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX TruthValue
MAX-ACCESS read-write
STATUS current
?Setting this object to true(1) causes the device to reset.
Reading this object always returns false(2).?
::= { docsDevBase 3 }

So in SilverCreek, you can do a simple SET to reboot the agent automatically snmptcl::snmpset DOCS-CABLE-DEVICE-MIB:docsDevResetNow.0 1

Answer Two:  (by Maverick)  Thanks!  

But can I add the same in the Test-> Advanced Configurations: SNMPv3-USM-MIB-> Reboot

i.e. snmptcl::snmpset DOCS-CABLE-DEVICE-MIB:docsDevResetNow.0 1
or just the integer value '1'?

Answer Three:  (by PumpkinJason)  yes, I used 
snmptcl::snmpset DOCS-CABLE-DEVICE-MIB:docsDevResetNow.0 1