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Question:  (by Bob Ciulla) Hi,I'm trying to test two SNMP-MIBII attributes from RFC-3418:
snmpSilentDrops and snmpProxyDrops.

I'm using SilverCreek M3 Build 2011.111228 and while the documentation states it supports testing RFC 3428; I do not see specific test cases for the attributes above.

Does anyone know if there are test cases written for these MIB instances?
Thanks in Advance

Answer:  (by PumpkinJason)  SilverCreek test2.2.5.2 and test3.2.5.2 check snmpSilentDrops counter. As for snmpProxyDrops counter it is impossible for SilverCreek to trigger it since SilverCreek has no idea if there is a proxy, and when/how the agent under test will deem "the transmission of the (possibly translated) message to a proxy target failed in a manner (other than a time-out) such that no Response Class PDU (such as a Response-PDU) could be returned."