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InterWorking Labs optimizes application performance. Our products help diagnose, replicate, and remediate application performance for embedded systems and network applications at all network protocol layers.

Operating System Failing Network Performance Benchmarks

Customer complaints forced a leading computer systems manufacturer to observe that under certain circumstances, the response time of the system's TCP engine was much slower than that of competitors. The manufacturer had some hypotheses of what the problem could be, but no way to replicate the conditions to test the hypotheses. Together with InterWorking Labs the manufacturer determined that the key was to force a condition that would cause the computer system to perceive TCP congestion and invoke its TCP back-off algorithm. The Maxwell Pro product could do exactly that, on demand, so that the manufacturer could observe how his device responded each time these conditions were replicated. The manufacturer was able to measure the computer system's response time during this particular network condition. The manufacturer could then diagnose the problem of slow response to that one particular condition, and remediate it (by rewriting a portion of the code).

Audio Quality in Network Gaming

High definition chat (talking, not typing) is fast becoming a component of massively multiplayer online games. How can an audio supplier verify that each user will have a positive experience with the sound? A major manufacturer of audio systems struggled with finding a way to verify that it could produce good sound quality under a variety of adverse network conditions. With the Maxwell Pro product, the audio supplier was able to replicate a number of profiles that would reproduce commonly occurring adverse network conditions that would impact audio quality. The supplier could then remediate poor audio sound through dynamic adjustment of its compensating algorithms to account for packet jitter and other phenomenon.

Storage Area Network BackUps From Wide Ranging Sources

A cloud-based storage company wanted to role out a new solution for home office/branch office users who would drag and drop their important files to the cloud icon on their desktops. How exactly could the storage company replicate the typical range of Internet connection characteristics that a home office/branch office user would most likely encounter? InterWorking Labs introduced the storage company to ITU standards specifying a profile for a range of Internet performance characteristics that wold be likely to occur for home office/branch office users. Using the Maxwell Pro product, the client could replicate in the lab all the likely conditions. and thus could proactively remediate potential performance problems. While the client's testing staff was very knowledgeable about storage testing, their knowledge about networking was limited. InterWorking Labs customized the user interface so that the testing staff could push a button to emulate one of nine home office/branch office profiles to simplify and expedite their testing.

A Priori Determination of Under Provisioned Wireless Access Points

Large organizations deploy wireless local area networks via private wireless access points, particularly in facilities that may be difficult or very expensive to wire, such a factories or warehouses. This allows the employees to use 802.11 devices to perform their daily tasks (send and receive email, view documents, etc.) without being tethered to the desk. These organizations have performance, deployment, and density requirements for the wireless access points. A key question – under what conditions will the wireless access points degrade to the point where they can no longer reliably transmit voice and data packets? The large organization diagnosed potential communication problems before production deployment, using Maxwell Pro to introduce network impairments that were likely to occur in the face of RF interference. By selecting a set of scenarios, and replicating these scenarios in the lab, the large organization was able to determine the type, capacity, and number of wireless access points required in each warehouse facility to assure reliable performance. The result was transparent network productivity for all warehouse staff.

Faulty Management Applications Put Global Network at Risk

A multinational corporation had a problem managing its network. The management software and applications reported information that could not possibly be correct! There was fingerpointing between the management software provider and the suppliers of the managed devices. What could the IT Director do? The IT Director and InterWorking Labs diagnosed the quality of the SNMP agent implementations on the management devices. Diagnosis: Terrible! The IT Director then used the InterWorking Labs SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite to test the SNMP agents on his critical network devices. Within a few days, the IT Director had a list of all the failures of the SNMP implementations on the critical network devices. The IT Director then demanded corrections from the device suppliers and some critical workarounds from the management software supplier. InterWorking Labs then worked with the device manufacturers to replicate the errors. Eventually, the management reports on the status of the network were accurate, because the data that was collected from the managed devices was now correct. Together with InterWorking Labs, the IT Director remediated the inaccurate data collection.

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