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Robert Stovall and Bruce Kaluza
Software Engineers
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Tornado for Managed Switches

We started using SilverCreek software 3 years ago to test Wind River’s Tornado for Managed Switches (TMS). Since then, SilverCreek has become our main test harness, with 80% of our automated tests developed to run from the SilverCreek environment.

Our test plan is a black box approach to testing L2/L3 switches/routers. We verify functionality such as SNMP, correct MIB implementation, protocol compliance, and protocol performance. We have been able to reduce both the manpower and the time required to complete our test plans. This is done through automation of tests utilizing the SilverCreek environment and its extensive script library.

SilverCreek is our main test environment because it:

  • Has an extensive set of SNMP commands Can run tests individually, in groups, or in entirety

  • Tests SNMP and MIBs right out of the box
  • Has good test/development tools
    • Excellent SilverCreek Tcl Library documentation provided
    • Packet summary/watch/debug
    • SNMP browser and lookup utility
    • Notification Manager (Traps/Informs)
  • Is a productive development/debug environment

How we have used SilverCreek:

  • Used Tcl Library to reduce manual test plan execution time by 80% (automation)
    • Decreased man-hours from 960+ to 160 (>83% reduction)
    • Increased test coverage by 300%
  • Merged SmartBits and SilverCreek Tcl libraries in 1999 (now IWL does this for you)
    • Combined Ethernet stimulus with SNMP access
    • Enabled automated testing of performance and conformance
  • Interfaced with custom test tools/software
    • Created wrapper tools that control SilverCreek through ‘Remote Interface’
    • Automated tedious repetitive tasks and saved man-hours
    • Enabled test coverage that was previously impossible due to money and time constraints
    • Unattended testing; can run 24/7 without user interaction

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