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Dave Salmon, Manager of Software QA -Terayon

Dave Salmon the Manager of Software Quality Assurance at Terayon Communication Systems has a big job. He must insure that the quality of Terayon's products is as high as possible for their customers in the broadband market. "We use SilverCreek to automatically validate the correctness of our SNMP implementation including our private MIB," said Dave Salmon. We have integrated SilverCreek into our test process and using its Journal facility to track our test results and perform regression testing. We love its debugging capabilities and its scalability; our junior test engineers can use the novice features, and our senior engineers do customization. It is the perfect product for Terayon."

Prior to using SilverCreek, Terayon tried to test its SNMP by using in house scripts and manual testing. This proved unsatisfactory due to its many inefficiencies. "With SilverCreek in place, we have solved the problem of wasting the time and effort of our valuable resources. It has become a critical cornerstone for our compatibility, compliance, and conformance testing," reports Dave Salmon.

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