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Canh Nguyen, Senior Software Quality Engineer at Aviat Networks says:

Here at Aviat Networks (formerly Stratex Networks), our software testing must be comprehensive but quick. We are faced with ever-shortening schedules. The pressure to get products out to the marketplace faster, without sacrificing quality, is always a challenge.

Before any of our microwave radios are released, they undergo rigorous testing by several groups including the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) group and the System Verification group.

Prior to using SilverCreek, all private MIB testing was done by hand. Not surprisingly, this took a long time and was not as comprehensive as intended. Since SilverCreek was adopted in 2000, the time that it takes to test the MIB has decreased dramatically and our coverage has been brought up to the expected levels. We are more confident of the quality of our private MIBs as SilverCreek has found several issues with the MIB that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Says Canh Nguyen, Senior Software Quality Engineer at Aviat Networks, "We are very pleased with the pre-defined testing scripts that came with SilverCreek. Using these scripts we were able to test and verify our compliance to the SNMP protocol and conduct extensive syntactic checking. We also wanted to do specific functionality testing on our Radio's MIB implementation, including testing for proper loopback and locking. Because the pre-defined scripts were well written and clearly documented, we could easily modify them and customize them for our specific functionality testing. In addition, we were very impressed with the Developer's Guide that defined the SilverCreek APIs and architecture providing us everything we need for our requirements now and in the future."

"I have personally experienced the power of SilverCreek :-)"
-Kevin Chang - QA Engineering

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