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Apple products are used in a wide variety of customer environments; we use the Maxwell Network Emulator to mimic those customer environments.  We know that everyone's network connection is different, from a 20Mbps cable link with 15ms latency, to a 768Ksatellite link with up to 1.5s RTT.  By emulating these different situations in combination with testing various models of consumer Access Points, we can be assured that customers have a solid experience when they get new Apple software or hardware in their hands.

In addition to this, we use various impairment tools in the Maxwell emulation suite to make sure that reasonable amounts of dropped or modified packets do not have an adverse affect on communication between devices. Visit Apple on the web at

Senior Test Engineer, Apple Computer

I am happy with the InterWorking Labs solution because I can just use it and it works!
Software Development Specialist, BMW
We looked at a number of products, but selected Maxwell because of the ability to create custom impairments and custom filters.  This is very useful in our testing environment.

Engineering Manager, Thomson Technology

Maxwell allowed us to emulate very slow links for an aviation test.  We emulated network traffic travelling from a ground location to air traffic control tower to a satellite and back again.

Prototype Engineer, Aerospace Manufacturer
Maxwell TCP/IP, Interworking labs, Maxwell Network Emulator



I love the way you can customize the tests.

Senior Software Engineer, VMWare 

For your information: We have now gone through all [the Maxwell TCP/IP] fragmentation tests and our stack failed more then 50% of them. We have found 12 individual bugs in the stack so the Maxwell TCP/IP Test Suite certainly does a good job :-).
Lead Engineer, Swedish Aerospace Contractor

Telit Wireless Solutions,, uses the Maxwell TCP/IP Test Environment to validate the performance of the IPEasy feature (embedded TCP/IP stack), reproducing critical TCP/IP scenarios coming from field trials and stressing GPRS and UMTS connections to GSM/GPRS/UMTS modems. Telit has integrated Maxwell Emulation into its test process connecting Maxwell to an Agilent 8960 test set. We have found the Maxwell TCP/IP tests a valuable addition to our test environment.
SW Protocol Stack Manager, Telit Wireless Solutions

We use Maxwell to filter and emulate BACnet/IP traffic in order to pinpoint issues and problems at our customer's sites.   Using Maxwell has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor and equipment as we can faithfully emulate a customer site without re-creating the customer network.
Test Manager, Trane

As the world leader in IP video management, Verint's Software Test Group was in search of a network tool that would allow us to simulate the harsh, and some times unpredictable, impairment conditions of real world network scenarios with IP video solutions. We were very fortunate to discover the Mini Maxwell. The Mini Maxwell tool is a unique testing solution that is easy to operate and extraordinarily cost-effective. It enabled us to emulate real-time effects of various network conditions such as packet loss, latency, and bandwidth, helping us detect and work to resolve any problems we find well in advance during our development process, assuring optimal performance from the end-user perspective. The Mini-Maxwell is now an important, integral part of our test lab.
Bill Koufalis, Verint Video Intelligence Solutions, Team Lead, Software Testing Group

We chose SilverCreek because the quality of the SNMPv3 tests, the test coverage, and the customer support were far superior to all the other products we evaluated. It was also easily extensible to provide proprietary test coverage.The SilverCreek SNMP test tools allowed us to move from a manual testing process to full SNMP test automation.
John Scano, Software Development Manager, Juniper Networks, Inc 

This de-facto industry standard, SilverCreek, guarantees a fast, easy-to-use and reliable verification of the SNMP-implementation.

Luc Martens CEO, Excentis (Formerly tComLabs), the Euro-DOCSIS Certification Testing Lab 
I found the SilverCreek tests very robust and exhaustive. In addition the rich set of APIs for SNMP and MIB test automation were very useful. 

I want to give thanks specifically to the support team for the excellent and fast support provided. There response was unbelievably fast, bugs submitted were acknowledged and the feedback was proactive.
Abhijit Parekh of Infosys 

We use SilverCreek to automatically validate the correctness of our SNMP implementation including our private MIB. We have integrated SilverCreek into our test process and automation framework for both functional and regression testing. We really like its debugging and packet capturing capabilities as well as its scalability; our test engineers utilize all the features of SilverCreek including customization. It is the perfect product for Matisse Networks.
Prabhat Mishra, VP of Engineering, Matisse Networks 

We use SilverCreek to verify SNMP and MIB functionality, compliance, conformance, and performance. By using the extensive script library and automation tools, we have reduced both the manpower and the time required to complete our test plans (from 960+ man hours to 160 man hours). We test 24/7 without user interaction.
R. Stovall and B. Kaluza, Software Engineers, Wind River Systems 

SilverCreek has been an invaluable tool in debugging our SNMPv3 agent.
Alan Luchuk, Software Engineer, SNMP Research 

We are very pleased with the pre-defined testing scripts that came with SilverCreek. Using these scripts we were able to test and verify our compliance to the SNMP protocol and conduct extensive syntactic checking. We also wanted to do specific functionality testing on our Radio's MIB implementation, including testing for proper loopback and locking. Because the pre-defined scripts were well written and clearly documented, we could easily modify them and customize them for our specific functionality testing. In addition, we were very impressed with the Developer's Guide that defined the SilverCreek APIs and architecture providing us everything we need for our requirements now and in the future.
Canh Nguyen, Senior Software Quality Engineer, Stratex Networks 

We have integrated SilverCreek into our test process and use its facilities for tracking our test results for regression testing. We love its debugging capabilities and its scalability; our junior test engineers can use the novice features, and our senior engineers do customization. It is the perfect product for Terayon."
Dave Salmon, Manager of Software QA, Terayon 

We selected SilverCreek from InterWorking Labs for three reasons: (1) the company's reputation - InterWorking Labs is a well known and established company in the area of SNMP testing; (2) the committed, direct and professional marketing and technical support that InterWorking Labs offered during the evaluation period, and (3) the SilverCreek tool, which is a stable and robust application that suits RAD's complex needs. 
In addition to the obvious employment of the tool for establishing compatibility with the SNMP standard, RAD also uses SilverCreek to verify that the full and the accurate scope of SNMP support (in relation to all the MIB variables that should be "included" or "excluded") is implemented by the agent. SilverCreek ensures it is done efficiently using one of its tests that detects objects defined in the loaded MIBs but are not returned by the agent during the MIB Walk.
Gadi Ziv, Director of R&D, System-Tests at RAD Data Communications 

Great for Emulating Mobile Networks

At Validus Medical Systems we develop mobile applications for healthcare and we've used Mini Maxwell for many years to emulate various cellular networks from the comfort of our offices.

Our QA department is able to quickly test with a variety of emulated cellular conditions. Our developers are then able to reliably reproduce those conditions for debugging. We don't use it every day, so it's important to us that it be easy and obvious to set up and configure. We can do that from a few concise setup pages.

We're very happy to have Mini Maxwell in our toolbox.
Craig Watkins, Validus Medical Systems


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