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Test Your App or Device Under Adverse Network Conditions

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Maxwell Pro vs. Brand "X"

Compare network emulators:

What is the value of saturating a hardware link with traffic?  Should you consider "rolling your own" with open source software? Robustness testing vs. load testing?  How do you value intelligent network protocol impairments? 

Remediate app performance before you deploy.  Let us show you how.

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Protocol Testing With Maxwell Pro

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Optimize Application Performance using Maxwell Pro Network Emulator

The Maxwell Pro Network Emulator helps engineers learn how their products will perform in mobile, cloud, and WAN networks. By capturing and changing network flows, Maxwell Pro can induce the conditions that cause network congestion, slow links, time outs, Lossy networks (LLNs), and many other adverse network conditions. Engineers can then see the effects on the device or application to find and fix bugs, solve network problems, and learn the limits of device and application performance.

  • Test, diagnose and remediate application performance in new releases by replicating the production network in the lab.
  • Understand how to correlate network behavior with the cause of that behavior to learn how the network operates and how a product performs --  useful for demonstrations, tradeshows, and classroom education.
  • Simulate all network technologies and applications, including VoIP, video conferencing, SANs, wireless, mobile, VPN, and many more with Maxwell Pro.

Solving Your Cloud Testing Challenges in PDF

Plug into Maxwell Pro’s powerful network emulation capabilities

When it comes to improving device performance in challenging conditions, there’s never been anything like Maxwell Pro to accurately emulate networks under adverse conditions.

Design and code reviews can only contribute so much to a product’s reliability. Eventually, the device needs to be exposed to near-real-world network traffic to see how it performs. Unfortunately, older methods of testing network devices—such as traffic generators, network emulators, and network simulators from the 1990’s — are too “coarse-gained”. They only operate at the packet level and are limited to packet operations like drop/lose, duplicate, delay, jitter and re-order.

Maxwell Pro’s network Emulation capabilities provide much finer grained control.

Maxwell Pro provides network, protocol, and packet level impairments

These capabilities are imperative for realistic testing of network-based applications and devices:

  • At the network level, Maxwell Pro can introduce standard, custom, coupled, and combinatorial network impairments.
  • At the protocol level, Maxwell Pro can intercept and change the characteristics of the protocol based on criteria, other network flows and other events.
  • At the packet level, Maxwell Pro can intercept and modify packet contents based on various conditions and events.

All of these capabilities can be usefully employed to accurately produce network simulations in the lab approximating real-world network conditions.

Historically, network devices were tested with primitive network impairment systems operating only on the packet as a whole. These systems could drop/lose, delay, duplicate, and/or re-order packets. That was all.

Demand greater granularity and fidelity

Today’s customers expect far greater granularity when emulating real-world networks. They expect that the real-world network they emulate in the lab will allow them to:

  • Initiate multiple concurrent network flows through the device under test, because real-world networks operate with multiple concurrrent network flows.
  • Introduce packet, protocol, and payload impairments, not just packet impairments, because real-world networks operate with impaired protocols and payloads, not just packets.

Maxwell Pro is designed from the ground up to help test engineers discover problems earlier, fix them, and release higher-quality products and applications. Its flexible, scriptable, programmable power enables an abundance of capabilities:

  • Send and receive packets from multiple devices
  • Delay, corrupt, drop, reorder, and create packets
  • Detect and track individual flows while remaining undetectable to other devices on the network
  • Intelligently test thousands of code paths, not just the most common paths, in a stateful manner
  • Simplify rigorous, repeatable, regression testing

With Maxwell Pro, product implementations can be tested in near-real-life conditions ranging from routine to extreme prior to release or large-scale deployment.

What do you want to accomplish today?

  • Check out performance under limited bandwidth?
  • Emulate a legacy protocol?
  • Determine application performance for branch office users?
  • Evaluate a video conferencing system under typical satellite conditions?
  • Select a Scenario to do it!

    Whatever the situation may be, one of Maxwell Pro's pre-defined scenarios can address it. Need modifications or changes? No problem. Maxwell Pro is fully customizable. Read More About Scenarios

    Maxwell Pro

    Find problems before anyone else does

    As network applications proliferate and users attach new types of devices to networks, the need for high QoS and better packet compensation algorithms increases. Through use of a network simulator,  you can discover hidden problems that only reveal themselves at the worst possible moments and fix them, saving time, money, and your reputation. Let us help add the Maxwell Pro Network Emulator to your lab!


    Package Specifications:

    See the Maxwell Product Brief in PDF pdf icon small for package options and specifications.


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