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large wirelessLarge organizations deploy wireless local area networks via private wireless access points, particularly in facilities that may be difficult or very expensive to wire, such as factories or warehouses. This allows the employees to use 802.11 devices to perform their daily tasks (send and receive email, view documents, etc.) without being tethered to the desk. These organizations have performance, deployment, and density requirements for the wireless access points.

A key question – under what conditions will the wireless access points degrade to the point where they can no longer reliably transmit voice and data packets?

The large organization diagnosed potential communication problems before production deployment, using Maxwell Pro to introduce network impairments that were likely to occur in the face of RF interference.

By selecting a set of scenarios, and replicating these scenarios in the lab, the large organization was able to determine the type, capacity, and number of wireless access points required in each warehouse facility to assure reliable performance. The result was transparent network productivity for all warehouse staff.

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