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New England Developer tunes its netcode to compensate for poor network performance and deliver smooth gameplay prior to product launch.

Using the Maxwell Network Emulator made a big difference to the quality of our gaming applications. We could precisely emulate real-world game play from the perspective of the players to assure fair access to all players and smooth gameplay.

-Technical Services Manager


  • Game players should begin the game experience moments after the download.
  • BETA testing under a heavy load of game
  • Provide fair access and smooth gameplay for all players, even those with slower connections.
    • smooth gameplay – the player's movements, the feedback from the environment and the other players' actions must appear smooth, seamless, and without time gaps

Game Developer Company Profile:

Located in New England, this pioneering game developer and operator of online entertainment, has successful long-running titles based on venerable classics from both the game world and fantasy literature.  It prides itself on the strength of its teamwork, its loyal community of fans, and its focus on excellence.

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