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A manufacturing operations management and execution software company ensures their product will meet the needs of clients in a broad range of challenging network conditions.

Our developers always work in a high performance LAN environment, so before release, we have a challenge insuring that our software delivers acceptable performance over the full range of customer environments including WAN, cloud, and mobile. We use Mini Maxwell to confirm that both our web browser and our Windows client user interface deliver a responsive user experience in the face of higher latency networks. We also use Mini Maxwell to confirm robustness in the face of network errors.

-Frank Heinrich, iBASEt, Chief Technical Officer


iBASEt must ensure that its Solumina software delivers acceptable performance over high latency networks. Testing Solumina over a LAN inside a lab does not replicate the real world network conditions faced by companies with distributed workforces and multiple locations. iBASEt requires a testing solution to simulate use of Solumina in the field, as well as one that reduces test setup time.

iBASEt Company Profile:

iBASEt is a leading provider of software solutions to complex, highly regulated industries, like Aerospace and Defense, Medical Devices, Nuclear, Industrial Equipment, Electronics and Shipbuilding. iBASEt’s Solumina software streamlines and integrates Manufacturing Execution System and Operations Management (MES/MOM), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) for operations and Supplier Quality Management.

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