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Testing protocol implementations prior to release can save a company time and money. It can also prevent bugs that could leave your customers vulnerable.

Before a recent release we decided to use the Maxwell Pro TCP/IP Test Suite to test our TCP stack; the results were surprising. We thought we were ready, but Maxwell Pro found more bugs than we had anticipated.

-Dave Taht, CeroWrt


CeroWrt believes it has found the fixes for bufferbloat and needs to get its solution from the lab and into the real world as soon as possible. CeroWrt has complicated algorithms and wanted to make sure its users are able to focus on the research and not the bugs in the network stack. CeroWrt's engineers have worked on only a few thousand of the millions of lines of code that might have broken along the way.

CeroWrt Company Profile:

CeroWrt is a project built on the OpenWrt firmware to both resolve the endemic problems of bufferbloat in home networking today, and to push forward the state of the art of edge networks and routers. Projects include proper IPv6 support, tighter integration with DNSSEC, and most importantly, reducing bufferbloat in both the wired and wireless components of the stack.

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