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Will your application perform reliably over mobile infrastructure?

What is your usage scenario?

  • Traditional application on an internal server used by desktop PCs,  laptops, tablets, and smart phones?
  • Web based application accessed by desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smart phones?
  • Native mobile app (or hybrid with web) accessed by tablets and smart phones?

The frequent changes in mobile operating systems and hardware requires continuous testing of application and device performance.

Recreate 3G/4G Network For Testing Purposes

Besides the very large expense (starting around USD$10,000,000), a 3G/4G test network would not provide the ability to adjust its performance to match the full range of network conditions that affect these networks. Performance on today's 3G/4G networks varies widely and even minute-by-minute. To truly test your application or device, you would need to adjust:

  • the throughput rate for the downlink and uplink by their minimum and maximum values.
  • Round Trip Time minimum and maximum values
  • Jitter minimum and maximum values
  • Packet Loss minimum and maximum values

How could the Maxwell Network Emulator Help?

The Maxwell Network Emulator can systematically recreate the combination of conditions that occur on real-world 3G/4G networks. Maxwell intercepts the network flow and introduces changes to throughput, jitter, packet loss, etc. This allows the tester to see how the devics will perform in real-world network conditions.

maxwell simulates  mobile

There is no need for a physical wireless interface; Maxwell uses wireless access points as a means to route each network flow through Maxwell.

Many more devices and impairments could be added to test the boundaries and limits of device performance. Many more protocols could be impaired, such as TCP or SIP.

With multiple flows as well as multiple impairments at the packet, protocol, and payload level, Maxwell can recreate a very realistic, real-world network emulation. This helps pinpoint problems prior to device or network deployment.

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