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Game developers of interactive, online, multiplayer games face some unique challenges:

Will your game perform well with players from all over the world?

  • Can you deliver smooth gameplay for each player?
  • Can you guarantee fairness for those on slower links?
  • How can you be certain prior to launch?

Proprietary gaming protocols, like other network protocols, depend on a software "stack" operating properly to drive the game.  Most stacks perform well under perfect conditions.  But what about real-world, less-than-perfect conditions?

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Are You Relying on an Authoritative Server?

Most games that rely on an authoritative server use entity interpolation and latency - lag compensation techniques to mitigate the effects of poor network quality.

The end result should be smoother gameplay and increased fairness for players with slow connections.  However, that's not always the case.  It all comes down to the netcode.  Poorly implemented netcode means players see glitches in their immediate interactions with the game world:

  • the way their character moves
  • feedback from the environment
  • the way other characters' actions show on the screen

The Maxwell Family of network emulators can help the game developer recreate a series of common, adverse network conditions that regularly occur on today's Internet.  By stepping through these imperfect conditions, the developer can uncover problems and optimize code to compensate or correct the problems.

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The Maxwell Family of network emulators and protocol testers provides the customization and flexibility required to accurately test your netcode and game operation to meet your schedule and assure a successful game launch. 

  • Emulate bandwidth limited conditions (residential broadband -- DSL, Cable,  3G/4G wireless, satellite communication)
  • Precisely recreate specific residential broadband issues, e.g.
    • 20ms latency for downstream DSL
    • 10ms jitter for upstream cable
    • sudden, unexpected bandwidth drops as ISP rate limitation software kicks in
  • Selectively apply packet impairments (latency/delay/"lag time",  drop/loss, reordering, duplication) to selected traffic, NOT all traffic.

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Maxwell Compared to the Charles Proxy App

The Charles Proxy App
InterWorking Labs Maxwell Network Emulator
Web Debugging Proxy App Emulates ALL adverse network conditions
Only Works for HTTP based traffic All Internet based traffic - http, udp, tcp, and custom protocols
Each DUT must be explicitly configured Multiple DUTs - no configuration
Latency/Delay simulation Latency/delay simulation
Bandwidth throttling Bandwidth throttling, Rate Limitation, Link Emulation
No packet reordering, no packet duplication, no corruption Packet reordering, packet duplication, packet corruption fully supported
Proxy operation introduces extra TCP session Proven accuracy and calibration
No support for chat or VoIP testing Fully supports chat and VoIP testing concurrent with gameplay

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